How many number ones does Ariana Grande have?

How many number ones does Ariana Grande have

Here are all seven of Ariana Grande’s No. 1 singles on the Hot 100, ranked from worst to best.


How many number 1 albums did Ariana Grande have?

Collecting 7 UK Number 1 singles and 4 Number 1 albums in the process, in 2019 Ariana became the first female artist to replace herself at Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart, as Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored unseated 7 Rings. 06.04. 31.08. 30.11. 12.07. 06.09. 04.10. 15.11. 06.12. 27.12. 28.02. 12.11. 24.03. 31.03. 19.05. 02.06.

What is Ariana Grande’s number 1 hit?

All Of Ariana Grande’s Number 1 Hits From ‘Positions’ To ‘Thank U Next’ 1 Positions 2 Stuck Wit U (with Justin Bieber) 3 Rain On Me (with Lady Gaga) 4 Thank u, next 5 No Tears Left To Cr y

Is Ariana Grande the biggest artist in the world?

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest artists in the world, not just by reputation, but cold hard facts- having banked 6 number 1 hits throughout her career, as well as endless number 1 albums, GRAMMYS, top 10s, you name it. Every number 1 Ariana Grande has charted. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande/ Getty Images

What is Ariana Grande’s 20th Guinness World Records title?

Grande’s raw vocals and talent in her recent album, Positions, have now earned the artist her 20th Guinness World Records title, breaking the record for most songs to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Is Ariana the biggest pop star?

Ariana Grande is the first pop diva of the streaming generation. Many of today’s top female pop stars, such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, first rose to stardom when iTunes was king and only broke out in the streaming universe this year.

Is Ariana the biggest pop star

Is Ariana Grande the most famous pop star in the world?

Click on the conversation bubble to join the conversation Got it! Already one of the biggest musical stars in the world, Ariana Grande once again asserts her dominance in the pop field this week by taking over a very competitive Billboard chart, one which she already knows very well.

Who is Ariana Grande?

Early life. Ariana Grande-Butera was born in Boca Raton, Florida. She is the daughter of Joan Grande, the Brooklyn-born CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a marine communications equipment company, and Edward Butera, a graphic design firm owner in Boca Raton.

Who are the top female pop stars?

Many of today’s top female pop stars, such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, first rose to stardom when iTunes was king and only broke out in the streaming universe this year. Others, who have recently arrived at the peak of the industry, like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, can’t match Grande’s overall track record.

Is Ariana Grande finally caught up with the world?

Ariana has broken numerous records, sold out show after show, been a vocal activist for causes, and seen her records earn certification after certification. “Grande has dedicated years to perfecting how she has presented herself. In 2019, it seems that world has finally caught up to her.

How rich is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande’s Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$220 Million
Net Worth in 2022$210Million
Net Worth in 2021$190 Million
Net Worth in 2020$150 Million
Net Worth in 2019$130 Million

How many songs does BTS have?

South Korean boy band BTS have released 42 singles as lead artist—three of which are soundtrack appearances, nine singles as a featured artist, two promotional singles, and over 100 other non-single songs….

BTS singles discography
Other charted songs127

How many songs does Billie Eilish have?

American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish has released 2 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 video album, 2 extended plays (EPs), 33 singles, and 25 music videos.

How many albums does Billie Eilish have?

American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish has released 2 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 video album, 2 extended plays (EPs), 33 singles, and 25 music videos. According to RIAA, she has sold 41.5 million digital singles and 5 million albums. [1]

What songs did Eilish release?

Eilish then released the internationally charting singles such as “Lovely” (with Khalid ), “You Should See Me in a Crown”, “When the Party’s Over”, “Come Out and Play”, “Bury a Friend”, “Wish You Were Gay”, “Bad Guy”, “Everything I Wanted”, “My Future”, and “Therefore I Am”.

How many units did Billie Eilish debut on the Billboard 200?

It is now the biggest North American debut of the decade (male, female or group), shifting 313,000 units in the first week and has already hit NUMBER 1 in the Billboard 200 album 3 times since its release in March, earning Billie more than 15 billion combined streams worldwide to date.

Is Billie Eilish just exploded onto the music scene?

It seems like Billie Eilish just exploded onto the music scene, but she’s already taking over. 2021 is just getting started and Billie is already making it her biggest year yet. With the release of her documentary, four Grammy nominations and a possible upcoming album in the works, Billie is ready to top everything she’s already done.

Is Nicki Minaj a pop music

Is Nicki Minaj a pop music?

Billboard’s Greatest Pop Stars of 2022: No. 10 — Nicki Minaj. The longtime Queen of Rap reaffirmed her royalty in 2022.

How old is Nicki Minaj?

December 8, 1982 (age 38) Trinidad and Tobago Nicki Minaj, original name Onika Tanya Maraj, (born December 8, 1982, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidadian-born singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress who was known for her flowing quick-spoken rap style and for her provocative lyrics.

What is Nicki Minaj’s alternative name?

Alternative Title: Onika Tanya Maraj. Nicki Minaj, original name Onika Tanya Maraj, (born December 8, 1982, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidadian-born singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress who was known for her flowing quick-spoken rap style and for her provocative lyrics.

What does Nicki Minaj do?

They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. Nicki Minaj, original name Onika Tanya Maraj, (born December 8, 1982, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidadian-born singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress who was known for her flowing quick-spoken rap style and for her provocative lyrics.

Is Nicki Minaj a sparkling rapper?

[289] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times called Minaj “a sparkling rapper with a gift for comic accents and unexpected turns of phrase. She’s a walking exaggeration, outsize in sound, personality and look.

Has Nicki Minaj ever had a number 1?

In 2014, Minaj shared lead credit on the single “Bang Bang” with Jessie J and Ariana Grande. The song scored Minaj her first number one in the UK and peaked at number three in the US.

What was Nicki Minaj’s first number one hit?

Minaj accomplished her first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in May 2020, with the release of Doja Cat ‘s ” Say So (Remix) .” Minaj’s following single ” TROLLZ ,” which is co-led by previous collaborator 6ix9ine, also reached the top of the chart.

Has Nicki Minaj ever had a number 1

How many top 10s does Nicki Minaj have?

Though Minaj has earned her first solo No. 1 with “Super Freaky Girl,” she is no stranger to the Billboard Hot 100 top 10. The rapper’s prolific career has seen her net a total of 21 top 1o singles and 124 entries overall on the all-genre chart, a number that will likely continue to grow.

Does Nicki Minaj need to go #1?

Nicki Minaj Celebrates Success of Lil Baby Collab “Do We Have A Problem?”: ‘I Don’t Need to Go #1. I Am #1’ After a No. 2 debut on the Hot 100 with her new single “Do We Have A Problem?” with Lil Baby, Nicki declared that she doesn’t “need to GO #1.

Does Nicki Minaj have a ‘Super Freaky Girl’?

“Super Freaky Girl” — which sampled Rick James’ 1981 hit “Super Freak” — also sends Minaj to the top of Billboard’s Streaming Songschart for the first time since 2014. Her last trip to the top was for her 2014 single “Anaconda,” which similarly featured a throwback hit with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (released in 1992). More from Billboard

How long can Ariana Grande hold a note?

Belting in the whistle register requires little air, so you don’t have to take a deep breath before sustaining a note. This is why artists like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande can hold a whistle note for up to 15 seconds! Once you can control your whistle register, your other voices tend to strengthen.

Who holds the longest note in the world?

Ariana Grande Breaks Record For Longest Note Ever Held! – YouTube Ariana Grande Breaks Record For Longest Note Ever Held! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Does Ariana Grande have a signature note?

So while Ariana may get her flowers for her earth-shattering high notes, there’s an argument to be made that The Ariana Grande Signature Note exists far lower in her range, specifically when she goes from an A down to an E while singing in the key of D-minor. For those who don’t hear it, that’s okay.

How many Guinness World Records does Ariana Grande have?

Ariana Grande headlined Coachella in 2019. Ariana Grande currently holds 20 different Guinness World Records. Her newest title is ” most songs to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100″ with five chart-toppers. She is also the most-followed woman on Instagram and the most-streamed female artist on Spotify.

What did you not know about Ariana Grande?

In the midst of this chaos, Grande is Vogue ’s August cover star, for which she gave a candid interview and talked about her rollercoaster year of professional wins and some personal hardships. Below, five things you likely didn’t know about Ariana Grande: Despite her four-octave range, Grande has had no formal vocal training.

Who is married to Ariana Grande?

Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande / Spouse (m. 2021)

Who is Ariana Grande’s new husband Dalton Gomez?

Ariana Grande married real estate agent Dalton Gomez in a private Montecito ceremony over the weekend. But who is Dalton Gomez? Who is Ariana Grande’s new husband, Dalton Gomez? Grande, 27, and Gomez, 25, tied the knot over the weekend with a private ceremony at the “Positions” singer’s home in Montecito, Calif.

Did Ariana Grande get married?

“They got married,” Grande’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively on May 17, 2021. “It was tiny and intimate — less than 20 people. The room was so happy and full of love. The couple and both families couldn’t be happier.” The ceremony took place at the couple’s home in Montecito, California. “Both Ari and Dalton love Montecito.

Who took the first photos of Ariana Gomez & Ariana Grande’s wedding?

On May 26, Grande shared the first photos from their wedding, taken by Stefan Kohli. The shots gave the public a rare and intimate look at the two together. Gomez and Grande had publicly been together for over a year and privately longer. But they always kept their relationship out of the limelight, from the very beginning.

Did Ariana Grande wear a black dress with her husband?

Grande wore a lace black dress alongside her suited up husband. In March 2022, Grande offered another rare look at Gomez at home. Grande shared a series of photos of her and her friends, including her husband Gomez. “home is wherever these humans (and dogs) happen to be :),” she wrote. Gomez appears in the second slide:

How many albums does Taylor Swift have?


Taylor Swift albums discography
Studio albums10
Live albums4

How many albums has Taylor Swift sold?

Swift has sold over 50 million albums, including 37.3 million in the U.S., and 150 million singles worldwide. [400][401][402]She has amassed more than 97 million units in global album consumption, including 54 billion streams, as of February 2020.

When did Taylor Swift release her first album?

Swift signed a record deal with Big Machine Records in 2005 and released her self-titled debut studio album in 2006, which was nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award. At the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, she earned a Best New Artist nomination.

What songs were on Taylor Swift’s ‘track 5’ album?

The album included thoughtful songs about love like “Tim McGraw,” “Mary’s Song,” and the extremely catchy “Our Song,” break up anthems like “Picture to Burn” and “Should’ve Said No,” and the far-beyond-her-years deep “Cold As You,” which was the first of Swift’s legendary “Track 5s.”

When did Taylor Swift start her career?

Swift’s career began with a record deal with Big Machine Records in 2005 and the release of her eponymous debut album the following year. The album was the longest-charting album of the 2000s decade in the US, where it peaked at number five.

Who is the better vocalist Beyonce or Ariana Grande

Who is the better vocalist Beyonce or Ariana Grande?

Both are extremely talented and impressive with their vocal range and their fashion sense. Beyoncé edges out with her musical experience.

What is Ariana Grande’s first song?

“Put Your Hearts Up” is the debut single by American singer Ariana Grande. She released the song under Republic Records (at the time, Universal Republic Records) on December 12, 2011. The song samples “What’s Up?” (1993) by 4 Non Blondes.

How many streams does 7 Rings have on Spotify?

In addition to breaking Spotify’s 24-hour streaming record, “7 Rings” also topped the first-week Spotify streaming record with 71.4 million streams.

How many Spotify streams did 7 Rings have?

“7 Rings” accrued 14,966,544 global plays on Spotify in the 24 hours after being released on January 18, 2018, smashing the single-day record for streams on the platform. The record had previously been held by Mariah Carey’s ” All I Want For Christmas Is You ,” which attracted 10,819,009 Spotify streams on December 24, 2018.

Does Ariana Grande have a 7 Rings song?

” 7 Rings ” (stylized in all lowercase) is a song by American singer Ariana Grande, from her fifth studio album Thank U, Next. It was released as the album’s second single on January 18, 2019, through Republic Records.

How can I see how many streams a song has?

Looking at “about” while in the artists page will show some Basic streaming information. Anything more comprehensive I have foung. Hope this helps. 2021-04-14 08:24 PM In the desktop app it’s possible to see the amount of streams for every song in an Artist’s discography and Album view:

What is the most streamed song on Spotify?

When you compare “Here Comes the Sun” to Ed Sheeran’s “SShape of You,” the most-streamed song on Spotify at more than 3.9 billion streams, “Here Comes the Sun” hits about 630,500 streams daily on Spotify, while “Shape of You,” nets more than 1.2 million daily, Vieira said.

How many No 1 hits does Taylor Swift have

How many No 1 hits does Taylor Swift have?

With 189 chart entries on the Billboard Hot 100 (including 9 number-ones and 40 top-tens), Swift is the female artist with the most charted songs in the United States.

How many UK Top 10 hits does Taylor Swift have?

Throughout a career that has transcended genres and shifted direction numerous times, Taylor has amassed 18 UK Top 10 hits, although it may come as a surprise she’s only topped the Official Singles Chart twice – with 2017’s gothic Look What You Made Me Do (more on that later) and this year’s buoyant Anti-Hero, taken from her new album Midnights.

Did Taylor Swift write a number one song?

Swift’s 2006 self-titled debut album ‘s lead single, ” Tim McGraw”, was her first Billboard Hot 100 chart entry, and the album’s third single, “Our Song”, made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and sing a number-one song on Hot Country Songs.

How many Hot 100 No 1s did Taylor Swift have?

Before Drake’s top five tally on Sept. 18, 2021, The Beatles held Nos. 1-5 on the chart dated April 4, 1964. Here’s a recap of Swift’s nine Hot 100 No. 1s, notched over a span of just over 10 years:

How many times has Taylor Swift topped the Billboard 200?

Thanks to Midnights and “Anti-Hero,” Swift is the first artist to have debuted atop the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 simultaneously as many as four times. (The Billboard 200 began on March 24, 1956, and the Hot 100, on Aug. 4, 1958.)

How much did Taylor Swift sell?

With a total of 10 new studio albums, two re-recorded studio albums, five extended plays, and four live albums, it’s difficult for the pop star to pick just one as her favorite. Swift has sold an estimated 114 million album units worldwide, which begs the question: which album is the pop star’s most successful?

How many albums did Taylor Swift sell in 1989?

At 10.55 million pure sales, 1989 is one of the five 10-million selling albums from the 10s. At 160.5 million download and ringtones sales, Taylor Swift is among the Top 10 selling digital artists of all-time. At 5, Taylor Swift has the most albums ever debuting with more than 1 million sales in the US.

Who sold Taylor Swift’s catalog?

Scooter Braun Sells Taylor Swift’s Catalog for $300 Million The sale of her music to Shamrock Holdings happened without her knowledge, singer says.

What is Taylor Swift’s Net Worth in 2023?

Forbes estimates Taylor Swift’s net worth in 2023 to be a whopping $570 million, thanks to her massive album sales, songwriting royalties, real estate portfolio, acting, directing, merchandising, brand deals and Ticketmaster-shattering tours.

How many copies of Taylor Swift’s Fearless have been sold?

The incredible success of Taylor Swift in the album front is also visible through her digital sales. In fact, each and every one of the 18 tracks on Fearless sold 250,000 units or more and some album tracks even broke the million threshold. That’s a terrific total of 33.0 million downloads and ringtones from this era alone.

Has Selena Gomez had a number 1?

She has a total of 39 chart entries on the US Billboard Hot 100, including a number one and nine top-ten songs. Gomez formed the pop rock band Selena Gomez & the Scene through her record deal with Hollywood Records.

What was Selena Gomez’s first number one hit?

“Lose You to Love Me” became Gomez’s first number-one hit in the United States, climbing from number 15 to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on November 9, 2019. Rare debuted atop the Billboard 200 on January 10, 2020, to positive critical acclaim, becoming her third consecutive number-one album.

What is Selena Gomez’s new single?

Selena Gomez took to Twitter today to announce a brand new single releasing on October 23, 2019. With just hours to the release time, we also got a snippet of the upcoming music video for the song. The new song, titled “Lose You To Love Me,” seems to be a moody ballad on self-discovery after experiencing heartbreak.

Does Selena Gomez have a ‘Lose you To Love Me’?

“Selena Gomez Scores First No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 With ‘Lose You to Love Me’ “. Billboard. Retrieved November 4, 2019. “Selena Gomez – Chart History: Billboard Canadian Hot 100”. Billboard. Retrieved October 9, 2022. “Discography Selena Gomez”. Irish Charts Portal. Hung Medien. Retrieved July 2, 2016. “Discography Selena Gomez”.

When did Selena Gomez become famous?

Making her UK chart debut in October 2010 with the Number 90 hit Magic, Selena has since amassed a string of hit songs including Naturally, Come & Get It, Bad Liar and Lose You to Love Me, as well as the Top 10 collaborations with Kygo (It Ain’t Me) and Marshmello (Wolves). 24.10. 24.04. 09.10. 13.11. 28.05. 30.07. 27.07. 07.02. 20.06. 04.07.

How many Guinness records does Ariana have?

List of awards and nominations received by Ariana Grande

Awards and nominations
Guinness World Records3030
Hawaii Film Critics Society Awards01
Hito Pop Music Awards11
Hollywood Critics Association01

How many awards did Ariana Grande win?

Grande was nominated for nine awards at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, including Top Artist; she won two awards, for Billboard Chart Achievement and Top Female Artist. Grande was also nominated for 12 awards at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year for “Thank U, Next”.

How many Guinness records does Ariana have

How many Spotify listeners does Ariana Grande have?

Grande currently has 62 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the third-most in the world and most of any female artist. She trails Justin Bieber (65 million) and The Weeknd (67 million). 4. Most streamed act on Spotify (female) Grande in “Positions.” As of December 13, 2020, Grande’s 170 tracks on Spotify had been streamed 21.6 billion times.

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