How many fans does BLACKPINK have total?

How many fans does BLACKPINK have total

As of 2021, it is estimated that the group has over 100 million fans worldwide. Their devoted followers come from all over the world, including the United States, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and more. Blackpink has achieved remarkable success, and their fans are the driving force behind it.


How many Blackpink members are there?

BLACKPINK has four members in total: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. 4. When are the BLACKPINK members’ birthdays? Jisoo, who is the oldest member of the group, was born on Jan. 3, 1995. Meanwhile, Jennie was born on Jan. 16, 1996.

What is BLACKPINK YouTube?

Blackpink YouTube Statistics and History A website that collects and analyzes music data from around the world. All of the charts, sales and streams, constantly updated. ITUNES WORLDWIDE ARTISTS CHARTS DON’T PRAY RADIO SPOTIFY YOUTUBE TRENDING HOME Latest Trending Artists Countries Top Lists

Is BLACKPINK a fan club?

On January 17, 2017, Blackpink revealed the name of their fan club —”BBlink”, a portmanteau of “black” and “pink”. On June 22, the group released their first standalone digital single, “As If It’s Your Last”. It was described as a “mixed genre of music” and a change of sound from their previous releases.

Who watched Blackpink’s online concert the show?

Almost a quarter of viewers came from one country. YG Entertainment recently revealed the countries who had the most attendees of BLACKPINK ‘s online concert THE SHOW. The concert was held on January 31st where almost 300,000 people worldwide tuned in to the performance on their official YouTube channel.

Who has the biggest fandom in the world?

Top 10 most powerful fandoms in the world ranked

  1. BTS- ARMY.
  2. Taylor Swift Fans- Swifties. …
  3. One Direction-Directioners. …
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S- The friend zone. …
  5. Naruto Fandom- Narutards. …
  6. Harry Potter’s- Potterheads. …
  7. Marvel Universe-Marvelites. …
  8. Star Wars Fandom Warsies. …

What is a big fandom?

A fandom is a group of people who identify as part of a community of fans. Biggest fandoms. Photo: (modified by author) The biggest fandoms in the world are made of people united by a common thing, e.g., books, television shows, sports, movies, and entertainers, among others.

Who has the biggest fandom in the world

What are the most famous superhero fandoms in the world?

The business is responsible for some of the greatest names in the superhero world, including Spiderman, X-Men, and The Avengers, as well as many comic books based on such characters. As a result, they have a large fan following all over the globe, resulting in one of the greatest fandoms. 2. Harry Potter Fandom – Potterheads

Why is the Army the most powerful fandom in the world?

The ARMY is the most powerful fandom in the world. Because it brought an end to the long reigning ‘beliebers’ group (fans of Justin Beiber). The reason why the ARMY came to be so popular is the short climb of BTS in being the first K-Pop group to win a place in the Billboards 200 Chart.

Which anime has the biggest fanbase?

One Piece has the biggest fanbase currently in the world. Its fandom is constantly growing due to the fact that the series is ongoing and that the anime runs very closely behind the latest manga chapter. This consolidates OP fans across mediums. Eiichiro Oda makes it insanely easy for fans to attach themselves to his creation.

What are BTS fans called?

BTS fans, known as the A.R.M.Y.

What are the BTS fans known for?

BTS fans are called ARMY, and a large majority of the fandom is known for being a little too harsh…I myself am an ARMY, but I am also a part of other fandoms and many of those fandoms don’t think too well of the ARMY fandom.

What does BTS Army mean?

Whether you’re a baby ARMY or a fan from Day 1, BTS’ ARMY meaning has one heck of a story. As fans know, ARMY was established as BTS’ fandom name on July 9, 2013, soon after the release of the band’s first single, “2 Cool 4 Skool.” The word is an acronym for “AAdorable Representative M.C. For Youth,” but there are also other meanings.

What are BTS’ nicknames?

BTS’ members don’t pick their nicknames. Their nicknames pick them. While we know the seven-member boy band as Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, RM and J-Hope, we also know them by their BTS nicknames, such as Kookie, Hobi and more. For those who don’t know, BTS debuted in 2013 with their single “No More Dream” from their first album 2 Cook 4 Skool.

What is a BTS debut?

Debut refers to the moment a group or idol releases their first single. BTS made their debut in 2013 with “No More Dream.” At the end of a lot of K-pop performances, a member usually looks directly into the camera and poses. The camera stays on them for a moment before the video ends. That pose is called an ending fairy.

How many fans does BTS have?

And with 92 out of 100, makes @BTS_twt one of the most influential accounts on Twitter, and certainly the most influential K-pop band on Twitter. They have more than 48 million followers at the time of writing.

How many followers does BTS have?

They presently have 60.6 million Instagram followers, which explains the number of fans the K-pop sensation has worldwide. According to a Korean media outlet, a sociological survey of over 400,000 BTS fans was conducted between July and September 2020.

Why are there so many BTS fans?

BTS is a 7 member boy band that originates from South Korea, Seoul, and it is estimated as per CNBC that BTS adds $3.6 Billion to the Korean economy every year and more than $1 Billion dollars in consumer exports.

How many fans does BTS have

How many views does BTS have on YouTube?

Over the past year, Japanese viewers made up the largest share of watchers with around 148 million views on the band’s videos, followed by more than 82.8 million views by Indonesians and 74.3 million views by Indians. Two years ago, in June 2019, BTS videos accounted for around 21 percent of all K-pop videos viewed around the world on YouTube.

What is BTS’s fandom name?

house-small pencill-small clock-small ARMY or A.R.M.Y (Hangul: 아미) is BTS ‘s official fandom name. It was officially established on July 9, 2013 after the first recruitment closed.

Why is BTS famous?

Each member has over 34 million Instagram followers on their personal accounts, and the group’s 64 million followers make them the most-followed group on the app. On Twitter (where the group has 46 million followers), each of their posts garners around 2 million likes. There are many appeals to BTS.

BTS have some of the most devoted, loyal fans of any pop group the world has ever seen. Called the BTS “ARMY,” they watched their DNA 50 million times in one month in Autumn 2017. Moreover, their fans cast an astonishing 300 million online votes to ensure BTS won that Top Social Artist Billboard award.

Where does BTS play?

BTS play at KCON, a Korean pop music convention, in Los Angeles. BTS’s music video for “Blood Sweat and Tears” breaks the record for fastest YouTube video to 30 million views, and the most number of views for a K-pop video in a 24-hour period. During their Wings Tour, BTS become the first K-pop group to sell out arenas in the US.

Is BTS the biggest boy band in the world right now?

But this wasn’t the Beatles. It was BTS – a seven-man South Korean mega-group which is quite possibly the biggest boy band in the world right now. In April, BTS became only the third group in 50 years to have three number one albums on the Billboard 200 charts in less than 12 months, joining the ranks of The Beatles and The Monkees.

Why is BTS famous

Did BTS win a world Performer award?

BTS scooped the award for World Performer. BTS make their US television debut at the American Music Awards on November 19, 2017, in Los Angeles. The group perform “DNA” at the American Music Awards on November 19, 2017. Following their American Music Awards performance, BTS appear on a handful of US talk shows.

Who is the 5th member of Blackpink?

Jaehwa Bernardo, ABS-CBN News At a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Blackpink member Jisoo said YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park was the group’s fifth member. “I think Teddy also knows us individually very well.

Who is the fifth member of Blackpink?

MANILA — The girls of Blackpink apparently consider the man behind their music as a fifth member. At a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Blackpink member Jisoo said YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park was the group’s fifth member. “I think Teddy also knows us individually very well.

Which YG members did not debut as a member of Blackpink?

ㅡ YG Affiliate Among these 5 members who did not debut as a member of BLACKPINK was a trainee named Miyeon, who has now debuted as a member of (G)I-DLE. The former YG trainee of 5 years, who was expected to debut with BLACKPINK, has made her debut with (G)I-DLE under Cube Entertainment.

Would Miyeon be a Blackpink member?

The former YG trainee of 5 years, who was expected to debut with BLACKPINK, has made her debut with (G)I-DLE under Cube Entertainment. Photos of Miyeon and the BLACKPINK members from the past have been surfacing with many fans commenting on how well she would have fit into the group. “I think she would’ve been popular as a BLACKPINK member too”

What happened to Blackpink?

Photos of BLACKPINK and this member have been resurfacing, causing fans to wonder what happened to her. Around the time of BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016, it was announced that the number of members, which was originally planned to be 9, had been reduced to the current 4 members.

Why does YouTube delete views from BTS but not Blackpink?

This is because if a BTS music video gets their views fairly they get deleted and BLACKPINK puts it under “People & Blogs” which means that people need to only watch 3 seconds of it for it to be counted as one view.

Why does Blackpink have more YouTube views than BTS?

Blackpink has more YouTube views because of BLINKs who stream the videos, and also because of some craftiness on YG’s part and expert marketing. However, the same can be said for BTS.

Why does YouTube keep deleting BTS views?

The reason youtube keeps deleting BTS views is that many of the views are fake. Whenever BTS releases a video the fans will view it for 20 secs or so and then reload the page to give it a view. Thousands of BTS fans do this to try to get the video to break youtube views in 24-hour records.

What happened to BTS and Blackpink?

While BTS are currently focusing on their solo careers, Blackpink just made their comeback with Pink Venom and are set to perform at the 2022 MTV Music Video Awards.

What happened to BTS’s ‘on’?

For example, the views from BTS’s ‘On’ decreased from around 83 million to 48 million. 35 million views disappeared just like that… So, why did this happen? When asked about it, the YouTube team answered saying that it’s normal to see views slow down, freeze, or adjust while they verify that those views are real and accurate.

What are Lisa fans called?

These announcements by the Guinness World Records have been met with much enthusiasm from Blinks (as Blackpink fandom is called) and Lilies (as Lisa fans are called).

What are rosé fans called?

Rosé fans are called Fansé, they identify with this name, but it’s not official, it’s made by fans themselves. 4. Lisa Lillie is the name of Lisa fandom, her fans called themselves like this, isn’t it a cute name? Maybe you’re a Lillie.

What are Lizzo fans called?

Lizzo’s fandom is called the ‘LLizzbians’. She announced the name in June 2019 after being asked by her fans on Twitter. [Getty] 56. What are Khalid fans called? Khalid’s fandom are called the ‘Khlowns’… sort of. The fandom liked the name but Khalid wasn’t so sure. He tweeted: “I’m not acknowledging y’all as khlowns LMFAOOOO.” [Getty] 57.

What are Meghan Trainor fans called?

Meghan Trainor’s fans are called the ‘Megatronz’. [Getty] 6. What are BLACKPINK fans called? BLACKPINK’s fandom is called ‘Blink’ – a portmanteau of “black” and “pink,” obviously. Fans within the Blink fandom are ‘Blinks’. [Getty] 7. What are Megan Thee Stallion fans called? Megan Thee Stallion’s fandom name is ‘Hotties’. [Getty] 8.

What are Lisa fans called

What is Lisa’s nickname?

“PPpeu Ppeu” is another nickname which comes from Lisa’s former name, Pranpriya, but this one was invented by Korean BLINKs. In Korean, Pranpriya is pronounced “ peu -ran- peu -ri-ya”, which got shortened to “Ppeu Ppeu”. 7. Long-Leg Lisa This nickname is pretty self-explanatory.

Is Twice famous than Blackpink?

Ultimately, both Twice and Blackpink are incredibly popular and beloved, making it difficult to say which one is more popular than the other. Blackpink has now surpassed BTS in the list of ‘Best K-Pop Singers of 2022,’ and is now tied with fellow South Korean band Twice for the most sales album in the United States.

Twice is maybe more popular in Korea last year but now Blackpink is the most popular GG after they come back and they are more popular around the world (Except Japan). Some people think that Twice is more popular because of their album sales but if you think carefully, most of people in other country don’t buy album!

All BLACKPINK members are popular and BLACKPINK Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) is the most popular member. Lisa wins 2019 Instagram Awards in Korea and was awarded as “Most Beloved Person” in 2019. She gets the highest followers and the most followed Kpop artist on Instagram since 2018. Another popular member of BLACKPINK is Jennie (Jennie Kim).

What is the difference between twice and black pink?

Twice is literally not present in most parts of the world whereas BlackPink has held concerts worldwide. Of course BlackPink has more fans or else Twice would be holding worldwide concerts too, but they don’t cuz the world doesn’t know them. BlackPink is CRAZY famous.

Does twice have more fans than black pink?

Twice is literally not present in most parts of the world whereas BlackPink has held concerts worldwide. Of course BlackPink has more fans or else Twice would be holding worldwide concerts too, but they don’t cuz the world doesn’t know them. BlackPink is CRAZY famous. Someone said social media following doesn’t matter. WHY THE HELL NOT ? LMAO.

Which country has the most Army BTS

Which country has the most Army BTS?

the Philippines

With so many BTS fans all across the world, it’s no surprise that they have started referring to themselves as the BTS Army. Despite the fact that no official polls by the Army have been conducted globally, the majority of sources indicate that the Philippines has the most army.

Which countries have the most BTS fans?

One ARMY also did the math to find out which 10 countries have the most BTS fans and the results surprised many. Mexico, Taiwan, U.S.A., Brazil, and Malaysia, make up the 10 th, 9 th, 8 th, 7 th, and 6 th countries with the most BTS fans respectively. ARMY’s famous ARMY BOMB rainbow at BTS’s Newark, USA concert.

How many Guinness World Records has BTS won?

Among several Billboard music awards, Asian music awards and many others, BTS have collected a jaw-dropping 23 Guinness World Records titles across music and social media – an amazing result achieved also thanks to the enthusiasm of their fans, the ARMY.

How many people are in the BTS Army?

The survey was translated into 46 different languages and included responses from over 100 countries and territories to ensure maximum visibility. According to the survey, the United States has 8.4 percent of the BTS Army. Over 80,000 of the 400,000-plus people polled, of which 20% were from Indonesia.

Which country has the most Army?

Although no official surveys have been carried out by the Army worldwide, the majority of sources disclose that the Philippines has the most Army. Unexpectedly, South Korea, the boy band’s homeland, ranks second. A few sources claim that the group has over 90 million fans worldwide, based on their social media accounts.

Which country has the most views on Blackpink songs?

BLACKPINK official video YouTube views 2022, by country As of March 2022, the popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK garnered around 830 million views from Indian fans. This was followed by 738 million views from Thailand and 640 million views from Indonesia.

Which country has the most Blackpink videos?

The country that is the source of the most views for BLACKPINK videos is Indonesia, streaming with 48.6 million views per month. The group is so popular in Indonesia, that they had to add another concert during their stay in Jakarta, much to the rejoicing of fans.

How many views does Blackpink’s new music video have?

The video is projected to hit 1 billion views later this year in November. It was released on June 26th, 2020. The video broke the record for being the fastest music video to exceed 100 million, 200 million, and 500 million views on the platform, at its prime. It is Blackpink’s fifth music video to hit 900 million views.

BLACKPINK is so popular in the Philippines, that after hosting a concert in Manila, they returned for a fanmeeting in June to show their appreciation for Filipino BLINKs. The Philippines streamed BLACKPINK with 33.6 million views each month. 2. Thailand

Which country has never seen Blackpink in concert?

Mexico is the only country within the top 5 of BLACKPINK’s THE SHOW that has never had the opportunity to see them in concert, leaving them eager to tune in! 4. Japan Japan loves BLACKPINK — They received great success in the country ever since their first Japanese concert tour, Blackpink Arena Tour, where they visited Osaka, Fukuoka and Chiba. 3.

Who is the biggest fan of BTS in Blackpink?

Jennie surprised everyone by revealing her inner fangirl.

Who is the biggest fan of BTS in Blackpink

Ariana Grande, Drake, Halsey, Harry Styles, Diplo, Kendall Jenner and many more celebs are joining BLACKPINK’s Blink fandom. BLACKPINK is the quickly rising K-pop girl group whose fierce hip-hop/pop combination and powerful group identity have inspired a huge fandom around the world and, now, in Hollywood.


The 24-year-old star, V is a passionate fanboy of Blackpink. He is even considered as the President of Blinks. His devoted fanboying has hyped up the Army as well as the Blackpink fans. The two world’s best K-Pop bands, BTS and Blackpink. We first saw V jamming to Blackpink’s songs when BTS attended the MMA award shows.

Who are Jungkook and BTS?

While fans can’t stop dancing to the tunes of the hot Korean Blackpink band girls, they also can’t get enough of Jungkook and his BTS squad who not only have have a great fan following all around the world but also are the proud record holders of being the only K-pop group for featuring most number of times in Billboard’s TOP 100.

Who are some famous people who love BTS?

Here’s a rundown of a number of the famous faces who have already shown their admiration for BTS, from talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon to fellow pop stars like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

How many is Lisa fans?

Lisa is the most followed K-pop/Thai idol on Instagram with over 81 million followers.

How many ‘likes’ does Lisa & Rose have on Instagram?

Lisa and Rose are the first K-Pop girl group members to reach 1 million ‘likes’ on Instagram. – She acted in NONA9ON CF (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). – Lisa ranked 15th on “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces Of 2017”. – Lisa is ranked 9th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”.

Who is Lisa from Blackpink?

After more than five years of training in Korea, Lisa was able to debut as a member of BLACKPINK on August 8, 2016 and went on to become one of the most famous female idols of her generation. Lisa made her solo debut with the single album “Lalisa” on September 10, 2021. Lisa loves to sleep.

How many cats does Lisa have?

Lisa’s has four cats, named Leo, Luca, Lily and Louis. – Lisa said that Rose taught her how to play the guitar during trainee days. – According to Parris Goebel, Lisa is the kind of dancer who isn’t made, but the kind who is naturally blessed.

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