Is BTS in the military?

Is BTS in the military

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, is the first in the group to enlist. He will be one of about 560,000 army troops, according to the South Korean army website. The group’s record label BIGHIT Music said in October that all seven members would serve their mandatory military service.

Does BTS have to serve military service?

The Grammy Award-nominated group will have to serve their military service, with their oldest member turning 30 in December. (Hybe Corporation) K-pop boy band BTS members will serve mandatory military service, starting with its oldest member Jin, their agency said on Monday.

Is BTS’ Jin in the military?

Link Copied! Jin, of K-pop supergroup BTS, turns 30 on December 4, 2022. K-pop superstar Jin will begin his mandatory military service next month, a source with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed Friday, after the BTS singer appealed to the supergroup’s devoted fans to stay away from his South Korean army training center.

Who is BTS’ oldest member?

K-pop supergroup BTS entered a new era on Tuesday as Jin, its oldest member, began his mandatory military service amid tight security at an army training center in South Korea .

Will BTS reunite?

Ending months of debate, the band’s label said that the seven members would serve their military conscriptions. They plan to reunite in a couple of years. BTS performing in Busan, South Korea, on Saturday, the band’s first concert in months. Bright Music, via EPA, via Shutterstock

Is Jimin joining the military?

BTS consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Other members of the group will soon join the military too, following their own timeline. They announced a break from group musical activities in June last year to focus on their solo careers.

Will BTS singer Park Jimin join the military?

BTS’ vocalist and dancer Park Jimin, known as Jimin, has not announced his plans to join the military but it will have to be by 2025 as his birthday is October 13, 1995. Jimin has not released solo projects other than the song “With You” for the Korean drama original soundtrack for Our Blues.

What is Jin Jin’s military service?

Jin shared a photo on Instagram showing him in camouflage fatigues, holding up a peace sign, with J-Hope and Jimin on either side. In the caption, Jimin wrote, “어서와,” which translates to “Welcome.” Jin began his mandatory military service late last year, and he’s expected to serve through June 2024.

Is Jimin joining the military

Will BTS join the military?

In October, BTS’ record label said that all seven members of the group were planning to undertake military service. BTS is expected to reconvene as a group around 2025, according to BIGHIT Music. Jin’s service will begin with a five-week basic training course before being assigned to a unit, based on standard practice.

When did Kim Taehyung enlist in the military?

As main dancer Jimin or Park Jimin and vocalist V or Kim Taehyung are born in October 13, 1995 and December 30, 1995, respectively, the two will be enlisting for the military service by 2024. They will be discharged by 2026 as per the service notice. Youngest member Jeon Jungkook is born on September 1, 1997.

Will Suga go to military?

Thank god!” Another fan wondered whether the rapper was enlisting in the military after the tour, as he turns 30 in March. According to several K-Pop outlets, Suga will be doing his military service as a social service agent instead of a soldier.

Is BTS’ Suga enlisting in the military?

Suga of K-pop sensation BTS will carry out his military service as a social service agent, military and music industry sources said Tuesday. They said the 29-year-old rapper was assigned to be a social service agent instead of an active-duty soldier. But details, including when his enlistment will be, remain unknown.

Will Suga become a Social Service agent?

The Asia Business Daily on Tuesday cited military sources saying Suga has earned approval to serve as a social service agent. Suga has postponed his enlistment until next year but will most likely be the next to enlist after Jin.

When will Suga join the military?

Suga is set to begin his service in March 2023 and complete it by September 2024. Next up is j-hope, who will be joining the military in February 2024 and is set to return in August 2025. The group’s leader, RM, has less of a concrete date. His departure will be sometime between February and June 2024 and he will be completed by December 2025.

Will Suga go to military

What happened to Suga?

Suga, born in 1993, had his service deferred until the end of next year under a revised law that allows “those who excel in popular culture and art” to postpone their service until the age of 30. In Korea, all able-bodied men are obliged to serve between 18 and 21 months in the military.

When did Jin leave for military service?

December 13, 2022

Jin started his 18 months of military service on December 13, 2022, at the front-line South Korean boot camp. He was recently promoted to Private First Class. After him, it will be J-Hope who will fulfil his army duties as revealed last month.

When does BTS’ Jin leave for military?

BTS’ Jin leaves for military on December 13 (Image via Instagram/@jin) While not official, indirect sources have reported that BTS’ Jin will be going for his mandatory military service on December 13. The Moon singer will be serving at the Yeoncheon Army Base in the northern Gyeonggi province.

What is Jin’s military enlistment date?

Jin, born in 1992, is 30 years old in Korean age this year and has been postponing his military service to continue his promotions with BTS. He had initially requested to delay his military enlistment until December 31. He is expected to enlist in the military as soon as he receives his notice. .

Did big Hit Music postpone Jin’s military enlistment?

Big Hit Music shared a statement regarding not only Jin but all of the BTS members’ required military service. Jin, born in 1992, is 30 years old in Korean age this year and has been postponing his military service to continue his promotions with BTS. He had initially requested to delay his military enlistment until December 31.

Who is BTS member Jin Jin?

Jin entered the Yeoncheon training center on December 13, 2022, and has since been selected to serve as an assistant instructor at the Yeoncheon army base in northern Gyeonggi province, according to the South Korean military. BTS member Jin shares a photo of himself in military uniform.

Did BTS leave the military

Did BTS leave the military?

BTS member j-hope confirms he has received notice for military enlistment, becoming the second member after Jin. BTS member j-hope has confirmed that he has received the notice for his military enlistment, making him the second member of the group to serve after Jin, who began his service in December last year.

Is BTS disbanding in 2026?

Mostly, the contract of the K-pop band groups ends around 7 years. According to the reports, BTS signed their contract in the year 2016, and later on they renewed their contracts with Big Hit for another 7 years, and since they have renewed the contract, it will expire on 2026.

Will BTS disband?

No, BTS won’t disband because they have renewed their contracts until 2027. This is going to take a long time before their contract ends, and once everyone has finished their military service, it’s probably around 2025 – 2026. That’s when we hopefully see BTS perform all together and release awesome music.

How will BTS affect South Korea?

While fans grieve for all the live shows the group won’t be holding over the next couple years, South Korea as a whole will likely suffer too: BTS brings in an estimated $3.6 billion to the country’s economy every year and generates $1.1 billion in merchandise sales and other exports annually, according to a Fortune report.

Will BTS members enlist?

BTS member Jin will be the first to enlist at some point this month, with the remaining members of the group signing up for service later. Fans won’t be left completely bereft, as some members will still conduct individual activities into the first half of next year.

Does BTS stockpiled content during a hiatus?

BTS has also stockpiled content in advance to release during the hiatus, per an investor note released by BigHit parent company Hybe Corporation.

Why is BTS not joining the military?

The so-called “BTS Law” allows K-pop stars who have been awarded South Korea’s Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit to apply to postpone their military service until the age of 30.

Do kpop idols go to the army?

Just recently, one of the most successful K-pop bands, BTS enlisted for military service and members — Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook and V — made headlines as several speculations were rife about them being exempted.

How long do kpop idols have to be in the military

How long do kpop idols have to be in the military?

ICYDK, it’s mandated by the government that South Korean men must fulfill their military service for at least two years once they reach the age of 28 (with special exceptions for Korean athletes and classical musicians who win international competitions).

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