What voice type was Elvis?

What voice type was Elvis


Elvis Presley was a baritone whose voice had an extraordinary compass — the so-called register — and a very wide range of vocal colour. It covered two octaves and a third, from the baritone low-G to the tenor high B, with an upward extension in falsetto to at least a D flat.


What kind of voice did Elvis have?

He states insightfully: “Elvis had a vocal range of about two octaves and a third, compared to about the one octave range of the average pop singer, and was best described as a high baritone. He could hit full-voiced high Gs and As that an opera singer might envy. He was a naturally assimilative musician with an acute sense of style.”

What was Elvis Presley’s vocal range?

Elvis Presley’s vocal range was a topic of much debate among music critics and fans alike. Some argue that his range was limited to just a few octaves, while others believe he was capable of singing much higher and lower notes.

How many octaves did Elvis have?

Elvis’ voice sounded incredible, with a range of more than two octaves. The fact that Elvis has such a diverse range of voices distinguishes his voice. Because he had a gift for singing from the heart, Elvis could do it in any style, from rock and roll to country, gospel, country and western, R&B, and even Christmas carols.

Is Elvis Presley a baritone or tenor?

‘Elvis Presley has been described variously as a baritone and a tenor. An extraordinary compass- the so-called register, and a very wide range of vocal color have something to do with this divergence of opinion.

What voice type is Michael Jackson?

High Tenor

High Tenor This is actually the most common label for Michael’s voice that I have seen.

What is Michael Jackson’s voice type?

With one of the most iconic voices of all time, Michael’s voice type is bound to be up for debate. Known for his high and light, yet expressive voice, Michael seems to be difficult to classify. Lets see how… This one is just odd, but I have seen enough times to bring it up.

Is Michael Jackson a baritone?

Big belts for him are up in the 5th octave, which is most certainly not where a baritones belts sit. He has a lot of throatiness up high, yet still such ease. His natural comfort is in the tenor area, so he cannot be a baritone, no matter how low he can go. Michael’s voice is unmistakably light and even androgynous.

What voice type is Michael Jackson

Was Michael Jackson a good singer?

With the arrival of Off the Wall in the late 1970s, Jackson’s abilities as a vocalist were well regarded; Rolling Stone compared his vocals to the “breathless, dreamy stutter” of Stevie Wonder, and wrote that “Jackson’s feathery-timbred tenor is extraordinarily beautiful.

What are the positives of Michael Jackson?

Positives: What made Michael Jackson stand out as a vocalist was his distinct voice. His vocal “hiccups” (somewhat like gulping for air or gasping) and breathless stutters were legendary. His grunts were achieved with good technique, and added to an already impressive vocal delivery.

Who is the best bass singer?

11 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Bass Singers Of All Time

  • Barry White.
  • Johnny Cash.
  • Boris Christoff.
  • J.D. Sumner.
  • Leonard Cohen.
  • Tim Storms.
  • Ray Davies.
  • Josh Turner.

Who is a good bass singer?

In fact, he is one of the very few active singers in classical opera with the timbre and range that he has. In fact, bass singing is also found in popular music. For instance, there are Larry Graham, Barry White, Isaac Hayes, and Alex Band from The Calling who are capable of singing both boss and tenor.

Who are the best bass and baritone singers?

Through time, there have been some exceptional bass and baritone singers from over three centuries of opera and art. Popular German opera singer René Page is incredibly gifted and has a wonderful bass voice. In fact, he is one of the very few active singers in classical opera with the timbre and range that he has.

Who is the most recorded bassist of all time?

“He made his bass bark, and everything he did was so melodic.” Cutting her teeth in Fifties jazz clubs and breaking out as a studio guitarist for hitmakers like Sam Cooke, Kaye went on to become the most recorded bassist of all time — with more than 10,000 tracks under her belt.

Who is the best bassist in 2021?

1. Winner, Best Bassist 2021: John Taylor, Duran Duran It’s been 40 years since the Birmingham New Romantics Duran Duran first entered the limelight with their debut single, ‘Planet Earth’, and by rights they should have retired to a private island in the Caribbean decades ago.

Who was Elvis favorite singer?

Everybody needs someone to look up to, even the king of rock ‘n’ roll. For Elvis Presley, there were a whole host of artists worthy of admiration, but only one with enough God-given talent to be worthy of the title “the greatest singer in the world”. That artist was the one Roy Orbison.

Who was Elvis Presley’s favorite artist?

Elvis said his favorite artist was Brook Benton. But in books it was a well known fact that Elvis was friends with BB King, so maybe BB King was his favorite. Dennis Hauser, Fan of Elvis Presley for 50 years. Guitarist (bebop, classcial, flamenco, lead guitar), songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist.

Was Tina Turner Elvis’ favorite performer?

“Tina Turner was one of Elvis ’ favorite performers,” shared Presley. ” When she took the stage, it was pure magic. I remember how she held an audience with an energy that was undeniably pure Tina! She has left a remarkable legacy and will be sorely missed by all.”

Who was Elvis favorite singer

Who influenced Elvis Presley?

4. Jimmie Rodgers, “The Father of Country Music” Jimmie Rodgers was cited as an early influence on both Presley and King. Rodgers, another white Mississippian who grew up among Black railroad workers, was also a font of inspiration for some blues singers in the mid-20th century, certainly B. B. King among them.

Why did Elvis Presley Sing ‘Everybody loves someone’?

While appearing at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in January of 1970, Presley realized that Martin was in the audience and in homage to his idol, sang Martin’s hit song, “ Everybody Loves Somebody. ” It was not the first time Presley would acknowledge his admiration for the famous crooner.

What voice type is Whitney Houston?


What was Whitney Houston’s vocal fach or voice type? As confirmed by her vocal coach, Whitney was a mezzo-soprano, although there is a case to be made for her being classified as a Spinto Soprano.

How good was Whitney Houston’s Voice?

Whitney had a really high range for belting/chest voice that always seemed to come effortlessly in a way that no other singer could really match. She had a good lower range in addition to her high notes, but she mainly focused on her middle and upper range when singing some of the greatest songs of all time.

What is Whitney Houston’s soprano range?

With soprano and mezzo-soprano we are mainly looking at tessitura. Whitney is known for those powerful belts, not her low notes. Her songs and voice clearly sit in the soprano range ( How Will I Know, Saving All My Love, You Give Good Love ). She had natural ease in her belts and she sang in the upper 5th octave very often.

Is Whitney Houston the second greatest singer of all time?

In 2023, Rolling Stone ranked Houston as the second greatest singer of all time, stating, “The standard-bearer for R&B vocals, Whitney Houston possessed a soprano that was as powerful as it was tender.

Houston influenced many singers in popular music, and was known for her powerful, soulful vocals, vocal improvization skills, and use of gospel singing techniques in pop music. Houston further enhanced her popularity upon entering the movie industry.

Why is Elvis voice so good?

A crucial element in Elvis’ sonic signature was his use of vibrato. The final Battle Hymn of the Republic’ segment of the 1972 recording of An American Trilogy features the sound of his vocal folds vibrating together in all their glory creating a sound that has been much copied in pop music but never bettered.

Did Elvis Presley have a unique voice?

Elvis Presley’s voice was one of the most unique and recognizable voices of the 20th century. A new analysis of Presley’s voice has found that he had a very unusual vocal tract, which helped give him his distinctive sound. The analysis, published in the Journal of Voice, used X-ray videos of Presley singing to create 3D models of his vocal tract.

How well do you know Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley. Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll” or simply the “King”.

Why was Elvis Presley the greatest singer of all time?

People talk of his range and power, his ability and ease in hitting the high notes. But the real difference between Elvis and other singers was that he could sing majestically in any style, be it rock, country, or R&B – because he had soul. He sang from the heart. And that is what made him the greatest singer in the history of popular music.

How did Elvis Presley make his fans happy?

Elvis Presley was a true humanitarian. He cared so much about his fans. He would go to great lengths and expense to make them happy . Sometimes he would bring his personal jewler on stage and have him open his jewelry cases and what ever was in them Elvis would throw out into the audience. Elvis loved to give . That attracted people to him.

Who has the closest voice to Elvis?

The world is full of Elvis Presley impersonators, but only one, Jimmy ‘Orion’ Ellis, sounded so much like him that people were convinced he actually was Elvis.

Who plays Elvis in Elvis & Presley?

That was the monumental task set before Austin Butler, who stars as the rock ‘n’ roll icon in director Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis (out June 24). In both his low-voiced drawl and Presley’s instantly recognizable singing voice, Butler delivers.

Did Elvis Presley have an Elvis voice?

His vocals had a remarkable resemblance to the elvis voice type. Thus, in 1969, Shelby Singleton, who got the Sun Records’ back catalogue rights to Elvis recordings, other than those for the label’s recordings, released one of Ellis’ recordings of the early songs of Presley.

How many singers sound like Elvis?

James Hodges Ellis, Barry Darcy, and Harrison are only three famous singers who sound like the King of Pop. However, many other singers can sing similar to Elvis, and can mimic his voice. And mimicking the voice of Elvis seems relatively easy.

Does Craig Craig sound like Elvis?

In the finals of the Voice Australia, Craig sang the song Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis, and as you hear him sing, you will notice that he sounded like Elvis. Therefore, it is not superfluous to say that his voice and Elvis’s Voice are akin to each other.

Did Elvis have a pitch perfect voice?

He pointed out that despite an impressive vocal range of two and a half octaves and something approaching perfect pitch, Elvis was perfectly willing to sing off-key when he thought the song required it. Those off-key notes were art’.

Did Elvis Presley have a large vocal range?

While Elvis did have a large vocal range, he was not limited to any one particular style of singing, and his versatility was one of the things that made him so popular with fans all over the world. Elvis Presley’s voice, with its two and a half octave range and a pitch approaching perfect, was incredible.

Was Elvis Presley a good singer?

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock and Roll, and his voice was a big part of that. His voice was unique and had a lot of character. Some people loved it, and some people thought it was just okay. But there is no denying that Elvis Presley was a talented singer with a great voice.

Did Elvis Presley sing off-key?

Despite his impressive vocal range of two and a half octaves and a pitch approaching perfect, he was perfectly willing to sing off-key when the song required it, he claimed. What Made Elvis Presley’s Voice So Unique?

Did Elvis have perfect pitch?

There is no definitive answer, but many experts believe that Elvis did indeed have perfect pitch. This would explain how he was able to effortlessly reproduce complex melodies and harmonies. It also would have helped him create his signature sound, which was a perfect blend of country, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll.

What voice type is John Lennon?

John’s vocal style is a direct result of his lack of training. The most distinct quality of his voice is his nasality, which is most clear when he sings in a straight tone. Along with this technique comes some confusion, but make no mistake; if we must label him, baritone is the easy choice.

Is John Lennon a tenor?

1) Lennon is most often considered a tenor, but sometimes considered a low tenor as far as classification. 2) Lennnon had a very good vocal range so even though his classification has often been tenor he could consistently hit notes within the baritone range, and his falsetto was very good.

What voice type is John Lennon

What was John Lennon’s voice like?

John Lennon never liked his own voice and was never confident about his own singing, often describing it as gravely, nasal, smokey, sharp, or smooth. John Lennon’s voice was undeniably distinctive. His voice was a defining element in every song he wrote.

What is the vocal range of John Lennon?

John Lennon vocal range. According to our database the vocal range of this artist is: G2 – D5. Song with the LOWEST pitch: Working Class Hero ( G2-E4 ) Song with the HIGHEST pitch: Happy Xmas (War Is Over) ( F#3-D5 )

Is John Lennon a baritone?

John Lennon to me is a baritone, albeit on the higher side (reminiscent of Michael Buble who is a baritone that has a pretty solid upper range). Paul McCartney, being a tenor (a lower tenor but a tenor nevertheless), takes over most of the high harmonies in The Beatles.

What voice type was Frank Sinatra?

light baritone

According to music critic Henry Pleasants “The voice itself was a typical Italian light baritone with a two octave range from G to G, declining, as it darkened in later years, to F to F and with greater potential at the top than he was commonly disposed to exploit.

What type of voice did Frank Sinatra have?

Most musical experts have concluded that Sinatra’s voice most resembled a baritone more than any other classification. Regardless of what type of voice he had, it won over millions of listeners during his impressive and storied career. Sinatra’s voice is still instantly recognizable and heralded as perhaps the greatest of all time.

Was Frank Sinatra a baritone?

Though it is up for debate, most people agree that Frank Sinatra sang in the baritone register. Most musical experts have concluded that Sinatra’s voice most resembled a baritone more than any other classification. Regardless of what type of voice he had, it won over millions of listeners during his impressive and storied career.

Is Frank Sinatra a real person?

Francis Albert Sinatra ( / sɪˈnɑːtrə /; December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998) was an American singer and actor. Nicknamed the “Chairman of the Board” and later called “Ol’ Blue Eyes”, Sinatra was one of the most popular entertainers of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Was Frank Sinatra the greatest American singer of 20th-century popular music?

Encyclopædia Britannica referred to Sinatra as “ooften hailed as the greatest American singer of 20th-century popular music….Through his life and his art, he transcended the status of mere icon to become one of the most recognizable symbols of American culture.”

Is Tom Jones a tenor or baritone?


Jones’s voice has been described as a “full-throated, robust baritone”.

Are tenor and baritone voices the same?

Two of these voice parts, tenor and baritone, share some overlap in range, with the high notes of baritone voices being the low notes of tenor voices. That said, the easiest way to determine if you are a tenor or baritone is to measure your highest note and your lowest note in a series of warmup exercises.

Is Tom Jones a tenor or baritone

Who are some famous baritone singers?

Dean Martin is another famous baritone singer who was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. He was known for his crooning voice and his talent in comedy. 13. Nick Cave Nick Cave is an Australian musician who has been active since the 1980s. He is known for having a unique voice, which includes both baritone and tenor notes. 14. Tom Jones

Is Johnny Cash a tenor or a baritone?

While Elvis sang with a baritone voice featuring some prominent tenor characteristics, Johnny Cash’s deep, gravelly voice is clearly a bass-baritone. If you can sing comfortably in Cash’s range, then chances are you are tending towards the baritone voice type. Which Famous Singers Were/Are Tenors?

What is the tenor and bass range?

The tenor range typically extends from B2 to G4, the baritone from G2 to E4, and the bass range from E2 to C4. Any of these ranges can extend further in either direction. While the quick and simple method shared at the top of this article will prove effective for most people, there is some potential for error.

Why was Elvis voice so different?

While sliding down a pole in the opening dance number, Elvis lost the cap off his tooth. Now lodged in his lung, Elvis required surgery while on set to remove it. This procedure required the separation of his famous vocal cords to fit the appropriate retrieval tool inside.

Why did Elvis Presley’s voice change over the course of his career?

There are a number of reasons why Elvis Presley’s voice changed over the course of his career. One reason is that he simply got older, and as people age, their voices tend to change. Additionally, Elvis was a heavy smoker, and smoking can damage the vocal cords and change the sound of one’s voice.

Did Elvis Presley have a slender vocal tract?

The analysis, published in the Journal of Voice, used X-ray videos of Presley singing to create 3D models of his vocal tract. The researchers found that Presley had a very long and slender vocal tract, which would have made his voice sound very different from other singers.

What is the difference between Elvis and other singers?

Record producer John Owen Williams says of Elvis: People talk of his range and power, his ability and ease in hitting the high notes. But the real difference between Elvis and other singers was that he could sing majestically in any style, be it rock, country, or R&B – because he had soul. He sang from the heart.

Did Elvis have the greatest voice?

Opera star Kiri Te Kanawa told Michael Parkinson that the young Elvis had the greatest voice she had ever heard. The tenor Placido Domingo similarly enthused in an interview in Spanish magazine Hola in 1994: “His was the one voice I wish to have had.”

Who is a famous baritone?

15 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Baritone Singers Of All Time

  • Elvis Presley.
  • Johnny Cash.
  • Christian Gerhaher.
  • José Van Dam.
  • Titta Ruffo.
  • Friedrich Schorr.
  • Bing Crosby.
  • Pavel Lisitsian.
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