How many Grammys does Lil Wayne have?

How many Grammys does Lil Wayne have


The Grammy Awards are awarded annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Lil Wayne has won five from twenty-six nominations.


How many Grammys DID Lil Wayne win?

He earned his first GRAMMY wins when he took home four awards at the 51st GRAMMYs for 2008, including Best Rap Album ( Tha Carter III) and Best Rap Song (“Lollipop”). Lil Wayne made his GRAMMY stage debut at the 51st GRAMMYs when he performed “Swagga Like Us” with M.I.A., T.I., Jay Z, and Kanye West.

Which rappers have won the most Grammys?

Em isn’t far off either, with 15 Grammys, 17 Billboard Music Awards and tying Jay-Z with 14 MTV Video Music Awards. These two lauded artists prove longevity offers more room for accolades. From Kanye West to Lil Wayne and more, check out the respected rappers who won the most awards below. Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem and more.

What was Lil Wayne’s first hit?

Lil Wayne broke through with his 1999 debut album, Tha Block Is Hot, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. His first No. 1 hit, “Lollipop,” featuring Static Major, was featured on 2008’s Tha Carter Three. The rapper received his first GRAMMY nomination for 2005 as a featured artist on Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier.”

When was Lil Wayne born?

Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. on Sept. 27, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lil Wayne broke through with his 1999 debut album, Tha Block Is Hot, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. His first No. 1 hit, “Lollipop,” featuring Static Major, was featured on 2008’s Tha Carter Three.

Who is the only rapper to win a Grammy?

OutKast’s fifth studio album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, becomes the first (and so far, only) rap release to win Grammys for both album of the and best rap album.

Which rappers have won a Grammy?

Eminem and West are the only artists to win the award in consecutive years, with Eminem achieving the feat twice. In 2016, Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late became the first mixtape to get nominated for the award, and in 2017, Chance the Rapper ‘s Coloring Book became the first mixtape to win the award.

Who was the first rap act to win the Grammys?

The first winners were Eve and Gwen Stefani for the hypnotic “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.” JAY-Z has won this award seven times, including twice back to back. Rihanna is the winningest singer in this category, with four Grammys. The true first rap act to win this award will be forever debated* by Hip Hop heads (though it’s quite obvious).

Who is the winningest white rapper?

Eminem is the winningest white rapper, with 15 wins on 43 nominations. Ah, the beginning of the Grammys awarding the wrong albums. Naughty By Nature’s Poverty’s Paradise was the inaugural winner of the Best Rap Album award at the 38th Grammy Awards in 1996, and certainly was a solid album.

Who is the only rapper to win a Grammy

Who has the most Grammy nominations?

Jay-Z holds the record for the most nominations, with eleven. Drake became the first non-American winner in this category when he won in 2013. The Roots have received the most nominations without a win, with five. Eminem and West are the only artists to win the award in consecutive years, with Eminem achieving the feat twice.

Who was the first rapper to win a Grammy?

Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

On February 22, 1989, the Grammys finally recognized rap as a genre when Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince won the first-ever Grammy.

When did hip hop get a Grammy Award?

Ten years after “Rapper’s Delight” hit the airwaves, the Grammys finally decided to throw a bone to Hip Hop at the 31st Grammy Awards in 1989. The award was Best Rap Performance, a category that would take many forms over the years. Ironically, the winners were not in attendance.

Did Kanye West win the rap field at the Grammy Awards?

The Rap Field at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards belonged to Kanye West. The Chicago rapper/producer won in each of the four rap categories, a feat not accomplished since Eminem swept the Rap Field at the 43rd Annual GRAMMYs in 2000.

How many Grammy does Snoop Dogg have?

The following is a list of awards and nominations received by American rapper Snoop Dogg….List of awards and nominations received by Snoop Dogg.

Awards and nominations
Emmy Awards12

How many Grammys has Snoop Dogg won?

Considered the highest music honor, the awards were established in 1958. Snoop Dogg holds the runner up record for most Grammy nominations without a win, with 17, tied with Chris Gehringer . The International Dance Music Awards are an awards show for the dance and electronic music industry. Snoop Dogg has won the award once.

How many times has Snoop Dogg won the MOBO Award?

Snoop Dogg has won the award once. The MOBO Awards (an acronym for “Music of Black Origin”) were established in 1996 by Kanya King. They are held annually in the United Kingdom to recognize artists of any race or nationality performing music of black origin. Snoop Dogg has won the award once from three nominations.

How many times has Snoop Dogg won the AVN Award?

Snoop Dogg has won the award once. The “AVN Awards” are movie awards sponsored and presented by the American adult video industry trade magazine AVN ( Adult Video News) to honor exceptional performance in various aspects of the creation and marketing of American pornographic movies. They are called the ” Oscars of porn”.

How many albums has Snoop Dogg made?

Snoop has produced 22 studio albums in the past 29 years, according to AllMusic, and his singles have passed into proverb for three generations of Americans. Take “Gin and Juice,” for one, a name familiar even to kids who never heard the song.

Who won 9 Grammy Awards?


Natalie Cole921
Count Basie920
Joni Mitchell917
Norah Jones916

Who has won the most Grammys?

With 32 Grammy Awards, Beyoncéis the artist with the most Grammy wins. U2, with 22 Grammy Awards, holds the record for most awards won by a group. Criticism[edit] Commercialism[edit]

Who won 9 Grammy Awards

How are the Grammy Awards announced?

The winners are announced during a televised ceremony. The Grammy Awards were first presented by NARAS in Los Angeles in 1959, when 28 prizes were given. Winners included Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and the Kingston Trio. The number of awards has increased as musical genres have emerged.

Did Beyoncé win a Grammy?

Beyoncé accepts the Grammy Award for best dance/electronic music album (“Renaissance”) on Sunday, February 5. It was her record-breaking 32nd Grammy win. Harry Styles accepts the Grammy for album of the year (“Harry’s House”) at the end of Sunday night’s show. “This is really, really kind. I’m so, so grateful,” he said while accepting the award.

Who won a Grammy in 2021?

Most recent Grammy Award winners ← 2020–21 Best in 2021–22 Award Album of the Year Record of the Year Winner Harry Styles (Harry’s House) Lizzo (“About Damn Time”) Award Song of the Year Best New Artist Winner Bonnie Raitt (“Just Like That”) Samara Joy Previous Album of the Year WE ARE Album of the Year Harry’s House

How many GRAMMYs do Beyoncé have?

To date, Beyoncé has won 28 GRAMMYs and has received 79 GRAMMY nominations overall. She has been nominated for more GRAMMYs than any other artist in history, and her four awards in 2021 helped her earn the most GRAMMY wins of all time for a female artist or any singer altogether.

How many Grammy Awards does Beyoncé have?

Beyoncé is also the most-awarded artist at the BET Awards and the Soul Train Awards. With a total of 32 awards and 88 nominations from the Grammy Awards for her music (including her work in Destiny’s Child and The Carters ), she is the most-awarded and most nominated (tied alongside her husband Jay-Z) artist in Grammy history.

How many Grammy nominations does Queen Bey have?

Over the years, Queen Bey has racked up a staggering total of 28 awards and 79 nominations from the Grammy Awards for her music, including her material with The Carters, her duo with husband Jay-Z, and R&B group Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé is the most awarded and nominated woman in Grammy history. Picture: Getty

Who has the most Grammy wins?

By the end of the night, Beyoncé had become the female artist with the most ever Grammy wins (28), a record previously held by Alison Krauss. More than two hours into the telecast, viewers were surprised to see a camera show Beyoncé seated at the award ceremony.

How many Grammys has Jay-Z won?

Jay-Z, who married Beyoncé in 2008, has won 23 Grammy Awards from a total of 80 nominations during his career, most recently sharing his Best Rap Song win with his wife for co-writing her Megan Thee Stallion collaboration ‘Savage’.

How many awards has Eminem won?

This is a comprehensive list of awards received by Eminem, an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He began his career in 1996 with Web Entertainment and has been one of the most popular rap acts in the world since the late 1990s….List of awards and nominations received by Eminem.


How many Grammys has Eminem won?

According to InStyle Magazine, Eminem’s award totals tally up to 17 Billboard Music Awards, 12 MTV Video Music Awards, and he’s even earned a nod from the Golden Globes and the BET Awards, among others (via IMDb). From the year 2000 to 2015, though, Eminem has won 15 Grammys out of 43 nominations.

Why did Eminem win the MTV Video Music Award?

When Eminem released his third studio album in 2000, he was met with widespread acclaim. The music video for “The Real Slim Shady” exhibited the rapper’s comedic timing and gave fans the opportunity to witness the brooding rapper’s lighter side. It paid off and he won the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year for the hit song.

How many streams did Eminem get in 2010?

During 2010, Eminem’s music generated 94 million streams, more than any other music artist. In November at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, Eminem became the first rapper to ever receive the global icon award due to his accomplishments and influences in music joining him with Queen, Whitney Houston and Bon Jovi .

When did Eminem become famous?

Eminem quickly gained popularity in 1999 with his major label debut album The Slim Shady LP, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The following album, The Marshall Mathers LP, became the fastest-selling solo album in United States history.

Has anyone won 21 Grammys?

Kanye West has accumulated his 21 Grammys in even less time than his frequent collaborator Jay-Z. He won three awards in rap and R&B categories in 2004, and then he kept winning almost every year until 2013, when he received his most recent plaudits.

Who won the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards?

A complete list of winners from the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. It was a big night for women at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. Beyonce broke the record for most Grammy wins for a female artist, surpassing Allison Krauss. Taylor Swift became only the fourth artist and first woman to win album of the year for a third time.

Who won the 2021 Grammys?

Grammys 2021 winners: Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Billie Eilish and more. Beyonce made history as the most decorated female artist at the Grammys. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP. Grammys 2021 winners …

Who has the most Grammy wins of all time?

Beyoncé. Kevin Winter/Getty Beyoncé officially became queen of the Grammys at the 65th ceremony in 2023. She took home four awards throughout the night, but it was her win in the best dance/electronic music album that put her over the edge as the artist with the most Grammy wins of all time.

What is a list of Grammy winners and nominees by country?

The following is a list of Grammy Award winners and nominees by country: “Umbrella” (feat. Jay-Z) “Hate That I Love You” (feat. Ne-Yo) “What’s My Name?” (feat. Drake) “Talk That Talk” (feat. Jay-Z) “We Found Love” (feat. Calvin Harris) “Stay” (feat. Mikky Ekko) “Work” (feat. Drake)

Who is the king of rap of all time?

#1 Jay-Z. Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, is an American rapper who hails from NYC—a fact he raps about consistently over the course of his nearly three-decade career. He quickly rose to fame in the mid-1990s when he released his debut studio album, Reasonable Doubt, from his own record label Roc-A-Fella Records.

Who is the king of rap?

The King Of Rap is an honorable title that is given to the most influential, successful, and famous rapper of an era. There are many things to consider when choosing the King or Queen of Rap, such as the songs, the influence on the genre, popularity, and originality.

Is Eminem the king of rap?

There are many successful and influential rappers today like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and many more. Recently Rolling Stone Magazine crowned Eminem as the King Of Rap, which was not a big surprise among fans as most agreed upon the decision.

Who is the most influential rapper ever?

The objective right answer is 2pac. Kendrick, Ye, Eminem, nas, etc are all great but 2pac is probably the most influential and respected rapper ever. I would say biggie would be my #2 choice for king.

What rapper is known as the king of crunk?

4. Lil’ Jon. Back in the early 2000s, Atlanta pioneered a bombastic sound called “crunk music,” and the rapper leading the way in this sound revolution was Lil’ Jon. The Atlanta native is known as the “King of Crunk,” a title that serves him well as he pushed the sound out of the underground and into the mainstream.

What rapper has the most platinum albums?

With 61.5 million albums sold, Eminem is among the 20 best-selling artists of all time in the U.S., ahead of legends such as Celine Dion, Bob Dylan and U2. As the following chart shows, no other rapper can hold the mic to Marshall Mathers in terms of album sales.

Who has 0 Grammys

Who has 0 Grammys?

Some of the most popular musicians of all time have never won Grammy Awards. Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Blake Shelton have several nominations but no Grammys. Rappers Busta Rhymes and Tupac both have at least one nomination but zero wins.

Who has never won a Grammy?

Morrissey, Queen, and Janis Joplin are just some of the rock musicians who have never won a Grammy. There are numerous rock musicians who’ve surprisingly never won a Grammy Award. Queen received four nominations that never translated to wins. Bob Marley and Chuck Berry somehow never received a nomination. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Who has the most Grammy Awards of all time?

Here are the 21 artists with the most Grammy awards of all time: McCartney won his first Grammy award in 1965 for best new artist with The Beatles. He has received 78 nominations. The renowned cellist won his first Grammy in 1984 for a Bach recording.

How many Grammys did the boss win in 2023?

In 2023, Frost bested four other musicians tied at 20 awards and became the artist with the 14th-most wins thanks to his single award lead. With 20 wins under his belt, The Boss ranks in the top 15 Grammy winners of all time. Notably, he won in at least one category every year from 2003 through 2010.

Did Snoop Dogg win a Grammy?

The fact that she was completely shut out of the nominations for the 2019 ceremony left many fans shocked, and it fueled her beef with Cardi B, who earned five nods that year, winning one. Rapper Snoop Dogg is the Susan Lucci of the Grammys. He’s been nominated an impressive 17 times, but has never snagged a Grammy of his own.

Who has 7 Grammys?

Coldplay – 7 Grammy Award Wins.

Why do Grammy Awards show 7 instead of 9? Recording Academy’s website counter shows seven awards instead of nine because the two missing are special honors. 2020-12-15. Retrieved 2021-05-21. ^ “Coldplay”.

How many Grammys does Stevie Wonder have?

In addition to the lifetime achievement award bestowed upon him in 1996, Stevie Wonder has an impressive 25 Grammy wins to his name. The legendary pianist has set his own records with his album of the year wins: Wonder and Frank Sinatra are the only two artists to win album of the year three times.

How many Grammys did Beyoncé win in a year?

Adele and Beyoncé won six awards in a single year. The record for most Grammys won by a female artist in one night is six. Beyoncé and Adele each won six in 2010 and 2012, respectively. The record for most Grammys won by a group artist in one night is eight. Santana won eight in 2000.

Updated: The 2022 Grammy Awards adjusted up to 9.6 million viewers in final Live + Same Day ratings released Tuesday by Nielen, which include out-of-home viewing. That’s up 2.1% from the 2021 Grammys.

Who has received the most Grammys?

Receipt of a Grammy of any sort usually results in greater record sales, as well as increased recognition to the artists. Among those who have received the most Grammys are Sir Georg Solti (32 awards), Quincy Jones, Alison Krauss, Stevie Wonder, and Chet Atkins. Select Grammy Award winners are provided in the table.

How popular are the Grammys

What is a Grammy Award?

ABC(1971–1972) CBS(1973–present) The Grammy Awards(stylized as GRAMMY), or simply known as the Grammys, are awards presented by the Recording Academyof the United States to recognize “outstanding” achievements in the music industry. They are regarded by many as the most prestigious, significant awards in the music industry worldwide.

Do you need a subscription to watch the Grammy Awards?

A paid subscription is required for full access. In 2023, 12.4 million Americans watched the Grammy Awards ceremony. This figure marked an increase from the previous year but still represented the third-smallest TV audience in the history of the broadcast. The Grammy Awards have suffered viewer losses for the better part of a decade.

How many Grammy Awards have been held outside Los Angeles?

Since 2000, the Grammy Awards have taken place outside of Los Angeles only three times. New York City’s Madison Square Gardenhosted the awards in 2003and in 2018, while the MGM Grand Garden Arenahosted in 2022.

How many Grammys does Drake own?

5 Grammy Awards

Overall, Drake has won 193 awards, including 5 Grammy Awards from 51 nominations. He has won a record 29 awards from 81 nominations at the Billboard Music Awards, including Artist of the Decade….List of awards and nominations received by Drake.


Is Nicki Minaj the most awarded female rapper?

According to Billboard. When it comes to female rappers, Nicki Minaj is recognized as the best of the best. The “Super Bass” artist has officially been ranked as the best female rapper of all time by Billboard. Minaj ranked No. 10 on the list, which features a total of 50 rappers.

Who is the most awarded female rapper ever?

Nicki Minaj Is the Most Awarded Female Rapper Ever. Author: Zenna Wilberg. 06.27 / Music. After winning the ASCAP trophy from the Rhythm & Soul Music Awards last week, Nicki Minaj has officially surpassed Missy Elliot for most awarded female rapper.

Is Nicki Minaj the best female rapper of the past 10 years?

It’s 2020 and time to acknowledge Nicki Minaj’s right to G.O.A.T. status, as the best female rapper AND the best rapper of the past ten years — no gender preposition required. Hip-hop, for most of its history, has been a story of men.

Is Nicki Minaj the most awarded rapper in AMA history?

However, Nicki has now officially been confirmed as the winner of this AMA. She has also made history, as being the most awarded rapper in AMAs history. This is with nine total wins. Nicki has had a very strong 2022, as she’s been extremely consistent.

How many Grammys does Nicki Minaj have?

Throughout her career, Minaj has received numerous accolades, including six American Music Awards, twelve BET Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, and two Billboard Women in Music Awards. She has also been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards.

How many Grammys do Jay Z have?


The following is a list of awards and nominations received by Jay-Z, an American rapper and businessman….List of awards and nominations received by Jay-Z.

Awards and nominations
Grammy Awards2480
BET Awards735
BET Hip Hop Awards2465
MTV Video Music Awards1437
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