How much did Nicki Minaj pay for her house?

Nicki Minaj has purchased a plush mansion in the exclusive Hidden Hills enclave for $20 million. According to The Dirt, the Barb paid approximately $19.5 million for her new palatial digs, which borders Los Angeles and was built this year.

Nicki Minaj. Hidden Hills. The Dirt. Barb. Los Angeles. House. The Barb.

How much money does Nicki Minaj make?

9. Nicki Minaj: $21 million The world’s top-earning lady MC saw her earnings soar 50% over last year’s figure,mostly due to an uptick in touring. She also rakes in cash from endorsements wi… [+]

Nicki Minaj Net Worth 2023

Net Worth:$130 Million
Salary:$5 Million
Monthly Income:$4 Million
Date of Birth:December 8, 1982
Is Nicki Minaj a houseowner?
HIDDEN HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Finally, Nicki Minaj is a houseowner! The rapper has been house hunting for several years, during which time she had been renting in an effort to locate something permanent, before spending $19.5 million for an opulent residence in Hidden Hills.
Is Nicki Minaj pregnant?
Nicki Minaj announced that she’s pregnant with her first child with husband Kenneth Petty on July 20, 2020 on Instagram. The rapper posted a picture of herself in a two-piece suit with a pretty big baby bump; she hashtagged the pic, “preggers.” In a subsequent post, she captioned another bump pic, “Love. Marriage. Baby carriage.
Who is Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty?
Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, pleaded guilty to failure to register as a sex offender in California, court documents show. Petty had initially pleaded not guilty to the single-count indictment but later changed his plea, court documents filed on Thursday show. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in January.

How much did Nicki Minaj Queen sell?

Queen received generally positive reviews from music critics, who praised the production but derided the album’s length and lack of direction. It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 with 185,000 album-equivalent units, of which 78,000 came from pure album sales.

Nicki Minaj Queen. Queen. US.

Is Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ still number 2 on the Billboard list?
After all, No. 2 is nothing to be ashamed of. Billboard reports that Queen racked up 185,000 equivalent album units earned. 78,000 of those were traditional album sales. That’s nothing to shake a stick at; Nicki has still outsold a number of other artists in the hip-hop arena, including the aforementioned Nas — a certified rap legend.
Is Nicki Minaj the first female rapper to sell 5 million copies?
But, Nicki’s previously released projects are continuing to be loved by her fans from all over. It’s just been reported that Onika has officially become the very first female rapper to sell at least 5 million copies of each of her albums, reports.
When did Nicki Minaj release Queen?
Queen is the fourth studio album by Trinidadian-American rapper Nicki Minaj. It was released on August 10, 2018, through Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records.
How much is Nicki Minaj worth?
Nicki Minaj, Net Worth $76 Million Nicki is a rapper and R&B singer-songwriter who was born in Trinidad. She has sold 3.5 million albums and 30 million digital singles in the US and 60 million singles worldwide. 91. Guy Berryman, Net Worth $78 Million

Who is Nicki Minaj husband?

Kenny Petty

Nicki Minaj / Husband (m. 2019)

Kenneth Petty was required to inform authorities when he moved due to an attempted rape conviction from 1995.

What happened to Nicki Minaj?

Minaj had announced her retirement from music in 2019. She said on The Late Late Show that she stepped away from music due to the industry. “Well, I think it wasn’t that I stopped loving music, I feel like I stopped loving the music business, you know, for a little bit,” the rapper said.

Nicki Minaj. Minaj. The Late Late Show. The rapper.

When did Nicki Minaj become famous?
Minaj first gained recognition after releasing three mixtapes between 2007 and 2009. Her debut album, Pink Friday (2010), topped the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. Its fifth single, “Super Bass”, reached number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified diamond by the RIAA.
Is Nicki Minaj retiring?
Nicki Minaj announced she is retiring from the music industry on Thursday afternoon. “I’ve decided to retire & have my family,” the Super Bass singer wrote on Twitter. “I know you guys are happy now.” The early retirement seemingly comes out of nowhere.
Are Nicki Minaj and her husband facing a lawsuit?
Rapper Nicki Minaj and her husband are facing a lawsuit. Copy Link URL Copied! The woman suing Nicki Minaj and the rapper’s husband, Kenneth Petty, spoke out against the couple on talk show “The Real” this week, accusing the pair of launching an intimidation campaign against her and threatening her safety.
Why is Nicki Minaj leaving the music business?
Rap star Nicki Minaj has announced she’s leaving the music business because she wants to make family life her priority. The 36-year-old Trinidadian-born rapper, who grew up in New York and is known for her outlandish outfits, bizarre alter egos and fast flow, made the announcement in a tweet on Thursday morning.

Is Nicki Minaj a billionaire or a millionaire?

Nicki Minaj Net Worth: $100 Million.

Is Nicki Minaj a billionaire?
Nicki Minaj is not a billionaire. She is a millionaire and frequently raps about having money, but has not become a billionaire yet. Nicki Minaj’s net worth reached a staggering $100 million in 2020. She may not be a billionaire, but this is still an impressive and unprecedented amount of wealth.
How old is Nicki Minaj?
December 8, 1982 (age 38) Trinidad and Tobago Nicki Minaj, original name Onika Tanya Maraj, (born December 8, 1982, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidadian-born singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress who was known for her flowing quick-spoken rap style and for her provocative lyrics.
Is Nicki Minaj dating Meek Mill?
Nicki was romantically linked to rapper Meek Mill for two years. They broke up in January 2017. As of this writing, Nicki has 92 million followers on Instagram, 20 million followers on Twitter and 16 million subscribers on YouTube.
How many followers does Nicki Minaj have?
As of this writing, Nicki has 92 million followers on Instagram, 20 million followers on Twitter and 16 million subscribers on YouTube. She has won more than 100 notable awards including six American Music Awards, ten BET awards, four Billboard Music Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards and two People’s Choice Awards.

Who does Nicki Minaj have to pay $20 million?

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty have dodged a $20 million default judgement after a federal clerk determined that the couple did not fail to respond to a lawsuit filed by Jennifer Hough, the woman Petty was convicted of sexually assaulting in 1995 while the two were high school students.

Nicki Minaj. Kenneth Petty. Jennifer Hough. Petty. A federal clerk. The couple.

Did Nicki Minaj win the harassment case?
The harassment case has not yet started, but according to Rolling Stone, Minaj landed somewhat of a win, as it was ruled that she will not have to pay a $20 million default judgment in the case.
How much did Nicki Minaj make for bar mitzvah?
Newsweek also reported that Nicki Minaj made between $300,000 and $500,000 for performing at a Bar Mitzvah in 2015. For appearing on “American Idol,” she was paid more than Ketih Urban. According to Reuters, Minaj was reportedly paid $12 million for her time as a judge on the singing competition show.
Does Nicki Minaj owe $173 million in taxes?
“Every day I learn that y’all getting dumber and f**king dumber.” That was Nicki Minaj’s message to fans who seemed to believe claims from an alleged former assistant who leveled multiple allegationsagainst the rapper, including that she owes $173 million in taxes.

How much does Nicki Minaj charge per concert?

Sean Carter, aka Jay Z, reportedly puts a cool $3 million in his pocket per show. Jay Z’s prodigy, Kanye West, demands the same ticket price and rakes in $3 million per show as well. Nicki Minaj reportedly makes $150,000 per show. Label mate, Drake, demands a cool $155,000 per show.

How much are Nicki Minaj concert tickets?
Nicki Minaj concert tickets for shows in Houston at the Toyota Center usually start around $81. Live shows in San Francisco at the Concord Pavilion can start about $102 for a standard concert ticket. Concerts in Pittsburgh at the S&T Bank Park can cost around $54.
Is Nicki Minaj on The NICKIHNDRXX Tour?
Yes, Nicki Minaj is on The NICKIHNDRXX TOUR. The cost of Nicki Minaj tickets can vary based on a host of factors. Please see below for a look at how Nicki Minaj ticket prices vary by city, and scroll up on this page to see Nicki Minaj tour dates and ticket prices for upcoming concerts in your city.
Is Nicki Minaj charging $500,000 for a verse?
Nicki Minaj has a long track record of delivering worthwhile guest verses, so of course, her feature rates are high. On 2014’s “My Nigga (Remix)” Nicki mentioned that she “just got 250 thousand for a verse.” But according to Nicki’s collaborator Davido in 2020, she “be charging people $500,000 for verses.” It might just be worth the money, though.
What is Nicki Minaj known for?
Nicki Minaj is known for wearing elegant and colorful outfits and jewelry. When it comes to her spending money she gives away college scholarships to students in need. Her generosity extends to her friends in the music industry. Minaj made headlines when she sent Cardi B a ,000 gift basket purchased from West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Trésor.

How expensive is Cardi B’s house?

Candles in every nook and cranny. Cardi B’s Atlanta luxury home was listed by Dorsey Alston for $5.8 million and designed with European style in mind. European-style homes usually boast unique charm and an open floor plan (via Floor Plans). This style perfectly describes the rapper’s Atlanta abode.

How much did Cardi B spend on a house?
Cardi B closed on the house on Sept. 17 for $5.85 million, property records show, and is spending more than $1 million on improvements, a source told The Post. The main home offers nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms, with additional bedrooms located in the guesthouse.
Where does Cardi B live with offset?
Cardi B house: see where the rapper lives with Offset in Atlanta. Cardi B and Offset invested in a huge mansion in Atlanta worth $5.2million in 2019, as per Zillow.
What is Cardi & offset’s new home worth?
In a Christmas 2019 post on her Instagram, Cardi and Offset gave fans a tour of their brand new mansion! The 22,000 square foot palace is located in the uppity Atlanta suburb of Buckhead, GA. The home was listed at $5.795 million, but the final purchase price has yet to be made public.
Where is Cardi B’s new short-term rental property?
Offset is pictured in front of the new Dominican Republican short-term rental property in Cardi B’s Instagram video highlighting her birthday present. The “I Like It” singer had long wanted a rental property in the Caribbean, she wrote on Instagram. The Las Terrenas home called “Calle Plaza” is currently on Airbnb for $836 a night.

How much is Cardi house?

Inside Cardi B’s $1.49M Dominican mansion Offset gifted her for her birthday.

How much does Cardi B’s house cost?
“Last year, I was so thirsty to buy my mom a home, and I could only afford a house that cost $600,000, and you know, we live in New York.” Cardi, 26, did not divulge the cost of the massive mansion, but Hot New Hip Hop reports the hot new house was scooped up for just under $2M.

What expensive things does Nicki Minaj own?

Read Ahead:

  • Lamborghini Aventador.
  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan.
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith.
  • Ferrari 488 GTB.
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
  • Bentley Continental GT.
  • Mercedes-Maybach 62 S.
  • Bentley Bentayga.

Nicki Minaj. Lamborghini. Aventador. Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Rolls-Royce. Wraith. Ferrari. 488 GTB.

Does Lil Wayne own Nicki Minaj’s Masters?
Lil Wayne has allegedly sold Young Money and the masters of Nicki Minaj and Drake to Universal Music Group for $100 million and fans are shocked. Lil Wayne reportedly also sold the Young Money masters in his $100 million deal with Universal, including Drake and Nicki Minaj’s albums. Does Nicki Minaj own her masters?
How did Nicki Minaj become famous?
Minaj eventually came to the attention of rapper Lil Wayne, and the two worked on some mixtapes (recordings), the first of which, Playtime Is Over, appeared in 2007. As other mixtapes were released, Minaj’s exposure grew, and the next year she was named Female Artist of the Year at the Underground Music Awards.
How many exes has Nicki Minaj had?
Nicki Minaj has had three famous exes. Her first public relationship was with her partner of 12 years Safaree Samuels. A few years after they split Nicki started dating her long-time friend Meek Mill and they dated for over a year before she revealed that they’d split in January 2017.

How much did Nicki Minaj make from Idol?

Minaj was one of the “American Idol” judges during season 12 of the show, along with Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Her stint on the panel was short-lived — and much of her time was spent feuding with fellow diva Carey — but she earned an estimated $12 million for her time.

How much money does Nicki Minaj make on American Idol?
With that said, Luke Bryan has now appeared as a judge on Idol for four seasons, which means that he has already earned a total of $48 million from the show. In turn, Nicki Minaj was only featured in one season of American Idol, so her earnings stopped at $12 million. 4. Jennifer Lopez ($17.5 million)
Does Nicki Minaj have a career?
Nicki Minaj also has a career in front of the camera. The rapper was a celebrity judge on the 2013 season of America Idol before releasing her third studio album ‘The Pinkprint’ in 2014. The album went on to sell 650,000 copies worldwide. Nicki released ‘Queen,” her fourth studio album, in August 2018.

Where does Nicki Minaj love?

Where does Nicki currently live? Nicki Minaj, and her husband, Kenneth Petty, live in a 90s home in Calabasas, a city in the southwestern region of the San Fernando.

Nicki Minaj. Nicki. Kenneth Petty. Calabasas. The San Fernando.

Who is Nicki Minaj dating now?
Nicki Minaj is currently dating boyfriend Kenneth Petty. Picture: Instagram Nicki Minaj is currently married to Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty, and the couple are expecting their first child. They began dating in December 2018 but have known each other for years – they were childhood sweethearts.
Where did Nicki Minaj live?
Minaj lived in a huge Beverly Hills mansion previously that most people know as her home, but judging by some recent court records filed by her husband, it looks like they might have moved on. Read on to find out where. Nicki Minaj has been known to live in a Beverly Hills mansion that sits on the former site of Frank Sinatra’s home.
Is Nicki Minaj’s home up for rent?
Nicki Minaj might have her home up for rent because she moved in with her new husband, Kenneth Petty , though it’s unclear if the home is his or hers. It might be joint property now. Petty ran into more legal troubles in March 2020, per TMZ, which brought up an old, 1995 charge for attempted rape.
Who is Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend Kenneth ‘Zoo’ petty?
From her break-up with long term boyfriend Safaree Samuels and alleged hook-ups with Drake and Eminem, to her relationship with Meek Mill and most recently her marriage to Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty. It’s time to take a look back at the most important men that have entered Nicki’s life. Nicki Minaj is currently dating boyfriend Kenneth Petty.
What is the net worth of Nicki Minaj?
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, born in Compton, is one of the most popular and highest-paid rappers on the planet. He has a net worth of $75 million dollars. 22. Nicki Minaj Net Worth: $80 million
How much does Nicki Minaj spend a month on shoes?
Minaj has told magazines that she used to spend $50,000 a month on Giuseppe, Versace, YSL, and Fendi shoes. In 2014, she arrived at the MTV Movie Awards in her Maybach 62S which approximately costs $500,000. She reportedly dished out $30,000 to get her car painted.
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