When did Selena get her G tattoo?


Selena Gomez got the G tattooed under her ear in 2015. According to many magazines, she confirmed in a 2015 interview with Refinery29 that the tattoo is dedicated to her little sister Gracie, born two years before.

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How many tattoos does Selena Gomez have?
Selena Gomez has gotten at least 17 tattoos. Here’s where they are and what they all mean. Selena Gomez has gotten 17 tattoos that we know of, listed below. Her first tattoo was a tiny musical note on her wrist in 2012. Most recently, she revealed a matching “angel” tattoo with Nicola Peltz.
Do Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez have a matching ‘G’ tattoo?
The tea between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez has gotten even hotter, with fans catching on to a bizarre detail amidst this week’s drama. In an entirely unexpected turn of events, it seems both women have a matching ‘G’ tattooed behind their left ear. Let’s investigate. What Does Selena Gomez’s ‘G’ Tattoo Mean?
Why does Selena Gomez have a ‘G’ on her back?
Selena Gomez attends the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. No one knows exactly when Gomez inked this dainty initial, but she confirmed in a 2015 interview with Refinery29 that the “G” stands for Gracie, her half-sister who was born in 2013. Gomez has “Love Yourself First” written in Arabic on the upper-right side of her back.
Did Jennifer Gomez get a Polaroid tattoo?
Gomez posted a collage of Polaroid photos on November 24, 2019, taken backstage at the 2019 American Music Awards. In one photo, Gomez lifts up her dress to reveal a large tattoo on her upper-left thigh: two hands joined in prayer, with a rosary draped around them.

What is Selena Gomez’s tattoo behind her ear?

Selena has a lowercase “g” in a cursive typeface tattooed behind her left ear, thought to refer to her younger sister, Gracie.

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Did Selena Gomez get a tattoo behind her left ear?
That same year, Gomez got a neck tattoo with roman numerals for the number 76, done by Bang Bang. The artist said of the tattoo, via Daily Mail, “The tattoo was a tribute to a family member who she said means a lot to her.” Over the years, there have been a number of rumors about Gomez’s tattoo behind her left ear.
What does ‘G’ stand for in Selena Gomez’s tattoo?
However, it’s likely that the “g” actually stands for Gomez’s sister, Gracie. Gomez has a tattoo of the word “sunshine” on her right foot. Back in 2016, the “Lose You to Love Me” singer posted a photo with her grandma, writing, “Nana is my sunshine.” So, Gomez’s ink is believed to be a tribute to her grandmother.
Why does Selena Gomez have Roman numerals on her neck?
On the back of her neck, Gomez has roman numerals, LXXVI inscribed, also at the hands of Bang Bang NYC. The tattoo artist told the Daily Mail at the time that the artwork was a tribute to a family member ‘who means a lot to her’.

What was Justin Bieber’s first tattoo?


Justin’s first EVER tattoo – done way back in March 2010 to mark his sixteenth birthday – was a seagull inspired by the writer Richard Bach and his novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Did Justin Bieber get a tattoo?
In May 2016 Justin did the unthinkable and ACTUALLY got a tattoo on his beautiful face. The ‘Sorry’ singer has had a small cross done just under his eye, and his tattoo artist has explained the meaning: “Yes, I did a tattoo. A small cross near the corner of Justin’s eye,” tattoo artist JonBoy revealed to E! news.
Why did Post Malone get his first tattoo?
Post Malone Jokes He Got His First Tattoo to Prove He Was ‘Way Tougher’ Than Justin Bieber. Post Malone explained that Justin Bieber was the reason he started to get tattoos.
Are Justin Bieber’s arms covered with ink?
While both of Bieber’s arms are entirely covered with ink, the themes don’t always mesh.
Does Justin Bieber have an angel on his arm?
Most of Bieber’s right outer arm is covered with a depiction of an angel holding a clock with a large rose motif underneath, which he had done in 2018. This is for the strongest couple i know Chad and Julia Veach! Their daughter was born with Lissencephaly. She is incredible and has the sweetest soul.

When did Selena give her kidney?


Back in 2017, the pair proved just how close they truly were after Francia donated her kidney to Selena. The singer needed the transplant due to complications from lupus, an autoimmune disease she was diagnosed with back in 2014.

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Did Selena Gomez get a kidney transplant?
Selena Gomez took to Instagram this morning to reveal that she received the ultimate gift of life from her best friend, Francia Raisa. The actress and award-winning artist announced she had a kidney transplant over the summer due to complications from Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes harm to organs and tissues.
Why did Francia tell Selena about her surgery?
Francia went on. “I had a way that I wanted to tell her, when I’d made the decision.” Francia admitted that she was “angry” when she called her social worker about the news, and people criticized doctors for telling Selena first and inadvertently putting pressure on Francia to agree to the surgery.
Did Selena Gomez fall out with Francia Raisa?
Selena Gomez appears to have fallen out with her former best friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa, with the rift spilling over onto social media over the weekend. The Disney star, 30, was gravely ill with lupus when fellow actress Raisa, now 34, offered to donate her kidney and they underwent the difficult transplant process in 2017.
How does lupus nephritis affect Selena Gomez?
Lupus nephritis usually starts during the first five years of living with lupus. It’s one of the most serious complications of the disease. When your kidneys are affected, it can also cause other pains. These are the symptoms Selena Gomez likely experienced during her journey with lupus: Lupus nephritis has no cure.

Who gave Selena Gomez a kidney?

Francia Raisa

The singer also took the chance to thank her “best friend” Francia Raisa for donating her kidney in 2017 amid her battle with lupus.

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Who is Selena Gomez’s donor?
Early Wednesday morning Selena Gomez revealed she underwent a kidney transplant this summer and that her friend actress Francia Raisa was her donor. “There aren’t words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend, Francia Raisa. She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I am incredibly blessed.
Did Selena Gomez get a kidney transplant on ‘Saved by the bell’?
Selena Gomez’s kidney donor Francia Raisa has spoken out about the Saved by the Bell joke, but what does this mean for the pair’s alleged feud? Saved by the Bell came under fire after fans noticed references to Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant in the show.
Who is Selena Gomez’s friend Francia Raisa?
Selena Gomez and her close friend, Francia Raisa shocked fans after making headlines in 2017 after Raisa donated her kidney to Gomez. The pair, who have been friends since 2007, first opened up about the procedure during an interview on TODAY in 2017.
Did Raisa Gomez donate a kidney?
On Thursday, Gomez fans swarmed Raisa’s latest Instragram photo to thank her for the kidney donation. “You’re amazing,” one person commented. “You’re one hell of a friend.” According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, last year more than 33,000 transplants were performed in the United States (33,610).
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