Who owns Taylor Swift Midnights?

It was announced at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, marking Swift’s first new body of work since her 2020 indie folk albums, Folklore and Evermore. A concept album about nocturnal ruminations, Midnights was written and produced by Swift with longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff….


Taylor Swift Midnights. MTV Video Music Awards. Swift. Folklore. Evermore. Midnights. Jack Antonoff.

When does Taylor Swift release Midnights?
Midnights is the tenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, released on October 21, 2022, via Republic Records. It was announced at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, marking Swift’s first new body of work since her 2020 indie folk albums, Folklore and Evermore.
Is Taylor swift’s’midnights’ a’reputation or a lover’ album?
As of October 21 at midnight, Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights, is officially out in the world, and besides the obvious question (is it more like Reputation or more like Lover ?), fans can finally dig into all the lyrical hints and Easter eggs characteristic of a much-hyped Swift release in their standard manner: fanatically.
Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ the priciest digital album Tencent has sold?
“Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ is the priciest digital album Tencent has sold”. TechCrunch. Archived from the original on October 23, 2022. Retrieved October 23, 2022. ^ Rui, Zhang (January 9, 2023). “Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ becomes fastest selling album by Western artist in China”. China.org. Archived from the original on January 9, 2023.
What is Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights about?
Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight. Midnights features 13 new tracks (which is Taylor’s favorite number), split into an A side and a B side, and Swift describes the project as being about “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout [her] life.”

Who did Taylor Swift date at 19?

John Mayer

John Mayer (2009 – 2010) In “Dear John,” Swift points to a couple’s age gap, which matches up with their relationship: She was 19 when she dated Mayer, who was 32.

Taylor Swift. John Mayer. Dear John. Swift. Mayer.

Who did Taylor Swift date when she was 19?
With lyrics literally calling out an age, 19, it has fans asking who Taylor Swift dated when she was that age and theorizing the song could be about that person. When she was 19 Swift sparked up a romance with the then-31-year-old singer John Mayer.
Did Taylor Swift date John Mayer?
Taylor Swift dated John Mayer in 2009 and released the song “ Dear John ” in response to her heartache after the relationship ended. She took digs at the fact that he took advantage of her at the young age of 19 and played with her emotions. The lyrics she wrote about him were absolutely incredible and super powerful.
Who is Taylor Swift’s boyfriend?
In May 2019, she posted a “Met Gala 2019 Fashion Review” video to YouTube that became one of her most-watched videos with over 2 million views. She has a tattoo of a teddy bear on her arm that she showed off in an Instagram post that has received over 170 thousand hearts. She has been dating Instagram star Cody Ko since 2017.
Is Taylor Swift dating Joe Alwyn?
Now, Swift frequently sings about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, whom she’s been dating since 2016 (See: “Lover,” “London Boy”). But the era of Swift’s dating life-inspiring-music may be reaching an end. Swift’s recent albums, like “folklore” and “evermore,” seem to center on fictional characters.

Who owns Taylor’s music?

As part of the acquisition, the ownership of all of the masters and copyrights owned by Big Machine, including those of Swift’s first six studio albums, transferred to Braun. Borchetta joined the Ithaca board of directors, acquiring a minority interest in Ithaca, and remained as the President and CEO of Big Machine.

Who owns Taylor Swift’s music?
Taylor Swift says a man who bullied her for years now owns all the music she has ever made after he bought the record label she was signed to. Scott “Scooter” Braun’s Ithaca Holdings announced on Sunday that it is acquiring Big Machine Label Group, which released all of Swift’s studio albums and owns her masters.
What happened to Taylor Swift’s music?
At the end of 2014, Taylor famously pulled her entire back catalogue of music from the streaming app, Spotify. She didn’t agree with the concept of music being free, and argued that many up-and-coming artists were being undervalued as a result. It wasn’t until 2018 that the singer finally rejoined the service.
Does Taylor Swift still own Big Machine?
Braun bought Big Machine in June 2019, and with it the rights to most of Swift’s work. Since then the pair have been locked in a major battle over control of the music. Swift, as the writer or co-writer of her music, still owns the publishing rights, which means she has power to veto some of Braun’s attempts to exploit her recordings.
Did Scooter Braun sell Taylor Swift’s first six albums?
US singer Taylor Swift has confirmed a report that music mogul Scooter Braun has sold the rights to her first six albums. US entertainment magazine Variety first reported on Monday that Braun had sold the recordings – known as masters – to an investment fund. It said the deal is thought to be worth more than $300m (£227m).

Is Taylor Swift the most successful artist?

As of April 28, 2023, The Beatles have the highest total certified albums and Drake has the highest total certified digital singles. Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Eminem, and Taylor Swift are the only acts in the top 30 of both lists.

Taylor Swift. Beatles. Drake. Michael Jackson. Mariah Carey. Eminem. The most successful artist. The Beatles.

Is Taylor Swift the best-selling artist of all time?
Pop sensations like Taylor Swift have ignited their stardom in recent years, but Swift still isn’t the best-selling artist of all time. Insider turned to the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) list to find out who is. The list is based on total certified album units sold in the US (including streaming figures).
What makes Taylor Swift so successful?
Her success as an artist is predicated on selling that contradiction: that you can be one of the most powerful, influential, beloved pop stars in the world, and still be victimized by the (often very normal) people around you. And those tiny, lyrical details that Swift throws in — those are key.
How old is Taylor Swift?
Taylor Swift, in full Taylor Alison Swift, (born December 13, 1989, West Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.), American pop and country music singer-songwriter whose tales of young heartache achieved widespread success in the early 21st century. Swift, TaylorTaylor Swift, 2013.Larry Busacca—Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock.
Did Taylor Swift ever win a Grammy?
Swift dropped her pop masterpiece, “1989,” in 2014 — an album that boasts her biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit to date, ” Shake It Off ,” which stayed on the chart for 50 consecutive weeks. “1989” also earned Swift another album of the year win at the Grammys, making her the first woman to ever be honored with that award twice.

How many songs does Taylor Swift have?

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has released 58 singles as lead artist, 8 singles as a featured artist, and 40 promotional singles.

How many albums does Taylor Swift have?
American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has released 9 original studio albums, 2 re-recorded studio albums, 5 extended plays (EP), 3 live albums, and 14 compilations. One of the best-selling music artists, she has sold an estimated 114 million album units worldwide.
What was Taylor Swift’s first hit?
At age 16, Taylor Swift scored her first Top 40 hit with “TTim McGraw,” a song featured on her 2006 eponymous debut album. Swift 2008 studio album, Fearless, was her first No. 1 album and spawned the Top 5 crossover hit “Love Story.” Swift is the first and only woman solo artist to win the GRAMMY for Album Of The Year thrice for her solo recordings.
What songs did Taylor Swift write?
Some tracks written by Swift were released as standalone singles for her other projects, such as the Christmas single “Christmas Tree Farm” (2019) and the track “Only the Young” (2020) for her documentary Miss Americana.
Did Taylor Swift win a Grammy?
Swift 2008 studio album, Fearless, was her first No. 1 album and spawned the Top 5 crossover hit “Love Story.” Swift is the first and only woman solo artist to win the GRAMMY for Album Of The Year thrice for her solo recordings. She won the award for 2009 for Fearless, again for 2015 for 1989 and, most recently, for 2020 for Folklore.

Does Taylor Swift write all her songs?

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has written or co-written every song in her discography, with the exception of several cover versions and two guest features, alongside some songs released by other artists. Swift signed with Sony/ATV Tree publishing house in 2004 to become a professional songwriter.

Is Taylor Swift a songwriter?
American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has written or co-written every song in her discography, with the exception of several cover versions and two guest features, alongside some songs released by other artists. Swift signed with Sony/ATV Tree publishing house in 2004 to become a professional songwriter. [1]
Is Taylor Swift’s writing bad?
Taylor Swift has written many of her songs herself. Songs such as Dear John, Mine, and Love Story are all songs she wrote by herself. But most of her more recent albums feature collaborations with Jack Antonoff and members of The National. But collaborating with other artists doesn’t mean that Swift’s writing is bad.
Does Taylor Swift have a co-writing credit?
Taylor Swift has at least a co-writing credit on all of her songs. While not every artist writes every song that makes it on the final cut of an album, Taylor has continuously had a hand in the creation of all of her tracks (and many others performed by notable artists).
What songs didn’t make it onto Taylor Swift’s albums?
Some of the other songs Taylor has written that didn’t make it onto her albums are “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” from Hannah Montana: The Movie, “Best Days of Your Life” with Kellie Pickler, and Calvin Harris’s “This Is What You Came For.” Her album “Speak Now” was entirely written by Taylor.

What style of music is Taylor Swift?


Taylor Swift / Genre

What year did Taylor Swift release style?
” Style ” is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, taken from her fifth studio album, 1989 (2014). The song was written by Swift and with its producers Max Martin, Shellback, and Ali Payami. “Style” was released to radio stations as the album’s third single on February 9, 2015, by Republic Records in partnership with Big Machine.
What influenced Taylor Swift’s music?
Inspired by pop music of the 1980s and its experimentation with synthesizers, drum pads, and overlapped vocals, Taylor Swift decided to move away from the signature country styles of her previous releases and incorporate a straightforward pop production for her fifth studio album, 1989.
What is Taylor Swift known for?
Taylor Swift is an American pop and country music singer-songwriter. Five of her songs, including “Shake It Off” (2014), “Blank Space” (2014), and “Look What You Made Me Do” (2017), topped the Billboard Hot 100. She received a number of awards for her music.
What was Taylor Swift’s most successful album?
Swift continued to top the charts with her 2014 studio effort 1989, which featured the No. 1 singles “Shake it Off” and “Blank Space” and won Grammys for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. Her follow-up albums reputation (2018) and Lover (2019) also achieved immense commercial success.

Is Evermore a pop album?

Evermore blends alternative rock, indie folk and chamber pop styles, carried by fingerpicked guitars, somber pianos, lavish strings, and sparse percussion. Impressionist storytelling and mythopoeia dominate its lyrical technique.

What kind of music is Evermore?
Swift described Evermore as a “sister album” to Folklore . Expanding on its predecessor’s indie / folk sound, Evermore is a wintry alternative rock and chamber rock album built around sparse arrangements of fingerpicked guitars, smooth pianos and strings.
When does Taylor Swift release Evermore?
Evermore (stylized in all lowercase) is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on December 11, 2020, through Republic Records, less than five months after the singer’s eighth studio album, Folklore.
Who wrote Evermore?
Like folklore, the writing on evermore was a collaborative effort between Swift, Aaron Dessner (of The National ), Jack Antonoff, Joe Alwyn, and Bon Iver. The album is notable for containing three artist features ( HAIM, The National, and Bon Iver), the most of any of Swift’s studio records to date.
What is the difference between Evermore and Swift’s album?
It is a “sister album” to Folklore, which was launched less five months prior; both of them are surprise albums announced 16 hours prior to their midnight releases. Evermore marked the second time Swift abandoned her long, traditional album rollout.

Thirteen years and several hit albums later, Swift has cemented her place as one of music’s biggest superstars. According to a recent Morning Consult poll, 53 percent of American adults identified as fans of Swift.

Taylor Swift. Swift. Morning Consult. American. 53 percent.

Why was Taylor Swift so popular in 1989?
In short, Taylor’s popularity then was because she was single handedly a household name (before 1989). Hew newer pop beats from 1989 onwards also collided with the new YOUNG female artists coming up so the attention of fans were really split. This is what I think!
What is Taylor Swift’s Net Worth?
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Taylor Swift’s current net worth is $400 million. With Eras tour ticket sales earnings, Swift is likely to become a billionaire. Taylor Swift’s tour will reportedly make her the highest-grossing female touring artist of all time.
Is Taylor Swift the most famous musician of the 2000s?
Taylor Swift very well may be one of the most well-known musicians of the 2000s. Her popularity began within the country music genre. However, since then she has shifted into pop, rock, indie alternative, and even folk music. This shift into a wider array of music has given her the ability to reach a broader population.

How much did Taylor Swift sell first week?

Of that sum, traditional album sales amounted to 179,000 — all from digital album downloads and CDs. SEA units accounted for 109,000 units in the set’s first week — equaling 142.98 million on-demand streams of the album’s 26-tracks. Swift announced the existence of the album on Feb.

How many copies did Taylor Swift sell in the first week?
Swift’s first fully pop album, 1989, sold 1.287 million copies in its first week. Taylor Swift’s net worth in 2022 is estimated at $400 million and will only go up with the release of “Midnights.” How many copies did Speak Now sell its first week? Speak Now sold 1,047,000 copies in its first week of release.
How successful was Taylor Swift’s debut album?
Self titled debut album Taylor Swift was only promoted in North America. All its singles were strongly successful there. With both downloads and ringtones in both the US and Canada, they achieved nearly 16 million sales in the region, some 90% of their global sales.
How many units did Taylor Swift’s Fearless sell?
It isn’t only about hits though. The incredible success of Taylor Swift in the album front is also visible through her digital sales. In fact, each and every one of the 18 tracks on Fearless sold 250,000 units or more and some album tracks even broke the million threshold.
How many streams did Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album Get?
Swift’s eighth studio album, which she announced roughly 15 hours before its surprise release, also generated more than 500 million streams across various platforms throughout its debut week. Republic Records, Swift’s music label, announced earlier this week that the album sold over 1.3 million copies in its first 24 hours alone.

Is Taylor Swift Midnights Platinum?

Of all the new albums to receive Gold and Platinum status from the RIAA, Midnights achieved the highest certification. The album has been minted twice Platinum, meaning that since its October 21 release, it moved over 2 million units. Only four other albums released this year achieved Platinum status.

Does Taylor Swift own Taylor Swift album?

Speak Now


Taylor Swift










Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift album. Midnights. Fearless. Reputation. Folklore. Albums.

Does Taylor Swift own the songs on ‘lover’?
But the pop star doesn’t own the master recordings of the songs on that album, or any songs on albums she recorded prior to 2019’s “Lover.” That includes such major hits as “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Mine” and “Shake It Off.” The music industry was left for dead a few years ago.
Is Taylor Swift re-recording all of her old music?
Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her old music. Picture: Getty Taylor Swift is re-recording six albums after her back catalogue was sold to a private equity firm, but which songs and albums is she heading back into the studio to recreate?
Does Taylor Swift own ‘Fearless’?
“Fearless” — for those of you who don’t live and breathe Taylor Swift news — is her most successful record, with more than 7 million albums sold. But the pop star doesn’t own the master recordings of the songs on that album, or any songs on albums she recorded prior to 2019’s “Lover.”
How many songs did Taylor Swift write on her own?
Co-writers on her studio albums include Jack Antonoff, Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Aaron Dessner and even her actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but she’s written a number of songs — 54 songs, to be exact — all on her own, beginning at age 12 up until now. Her third studio album, Speak Now, is comprised entirely of songs she wrote alone.

Who owns Lover Taylor Swift?

Lover is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift….Lover (album)

ProducerTaylor Swift Jack Antonoff Joel Little Louis Bell Frank Dukes
Taylor Swift chronology
When is Taylor Swift’s Lover released?
Released: January 27, 2020. Lover is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, released on August 23, 2019, through Republic Records. It is her first album after parting ways with her former label Big Machine Records.
How many sales does Taylor Swift’s ‘lover’ have?
Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Is No. 1, but Falls Short of a Million Sales Her last four albums in a row had surpassed that mark. “Lover” reached the equivalent of 867,000 sales, still impressive in the streaming era. Taylor Swift sold 375,000 “Lover” CDs at a time when young listeners have nearly abandoned the format.
Why did Taylor Swift cover ‘lover’?
Critics described the cover as a power balladcombining rockstyles such as pop rock and arena rock, with electric guitars, keyboardchords, and loud drums. On his decision to cover “Lover”, Horan lauded it as a “classic” and expressed admiration for Swift’s music. Credits and personnel[edit] “Lover” (album version)
What happened to Taylor Swift?
For most of her career, Swift had a deal with Big Machine Records. When that ended in 2018, the singer signed a new agreement with Universal Music Group, which granted her ownership of her master recordings going forward. Her previous catalog at Big Machine was sold to a company owned by music manager Scooter Braun.

Is Midnights on Spotify?

Taylor Swift – Midnights [FULL ALBUM] [ lavender haze – taylor swift ] – playlist by Spring Beep | Spotify.

Will Taylor Swift release midnights on Spotify?
Once the billboard is live, Spotify will also have a special lyric teaser video that accompanies the billboard photos. On top of that, Taylor herself will share nightly clips about Midnights on the mobile-only pre-save page—so pre-save the album on Spotify to ensure access to each day’s new reveal.
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