Does Justin Timberlake make pop music?

Does Justin Timberlake make pop music

Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is one of the world’s best-selling music artists, with sales of over 88 million records….

Justin Timberlake
Musical career
GenresPop R&B dance-pop
Instrument(s)Vocals guitar piano
LabelsJive Zomba RCA Tennman

How many songs has Justin Timberlake released since his debut?

Since his 2002 solo debut following a blockbuster breakout run in *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake has released nearly two decades of music and almost 2 dozen singles — and, of course, some have been…

What did Justin Timberlake do for a living?

The song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!,” which Timberlake co-wrote, scored him his first Oscar nomination for Best Original Song and sold 2.5 million copies, per Billboard. Although his salary isn’t publicly known, he was also a voice actor in Trolls, later reprising his role as Branch in Trolls Holiday < and Trolls 2: World Tour.

How many copies did Justin Timberlake’s trolls music sell?

If you had a feeling Justin Timberlake’s Trolls music sold lots of copies, you’d be right. The song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!,” which Timberlake co-wrote, scored him his first Oscar nomination for Best Original Song and sold 2.5 million copies, per Billboard.

What is Justin Timberlake’s net worth?

What is Justin Timberlake’s net worth? Justin Timberlake’s net worth is $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. How much did Justin Timberlake make from *NSYNC? Following their time as Mousketeers, Timberlake and JC Chasez joined forces with Chris Kirkpatrick, who wanted to start a boy band.

Does Ed Sheeran make pop music?

Ed Sheeran’s musical style has been described as pop, folk-pop, and soft rock. Sheeran also incorporates rap into his music.

Is Ed Sheeran a pop artist?

Although not every song by Ed Sheeran has a pop touch to it, he is undoubtedly known for being a pop artist. “Castle on the Hill” from his album “Thinking Out Loud” is another single known for being one of his top pop songs besides “Shape Of You”. Folk-pop is a subgenre of contemporary folk music that blurs the line between folk and pop.

Does Ed Sheeran make pop music

E d Sheeran famously keeps one eye on the numbers. A decade ago, he established his trademark, a pop take on the sensitive singer-songwriter trope with a healthy relationship to rap and R&B that has allowed him to flit across genres, imposing his indelible style on everything from Afrobeats to Eminem and Bring Me the Horizon collaborations.

How many top 40 songs does Ed Sheeran have a year?

Since making his debut with The A Team in June 2011, Ed has averaged almost 5 (4.7) Top 40 singles a year. Oh, and that 60.3 million figure includes 5.7 billion streams. 2. Shape Of You is Ed Sheeran’s biggest song.

What is Sheeran’s style of music?

Sheeran’s music is ultra-modern, exemplifying the way genre boundaries continue to dissolve, particularly in the pop domain. Sheeran’s writing and singing styles are infused with a hip-hop sensibility, but he also adopts other genres, such as R&B or melodic electric rock, when the song calls for it.

Does Demi Lovato make pop music?

Musical career After signing with Hollywood Records, Lovato released her pop rock debut album, Don’t Forget (2008), which debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Is Demi Lovato returning to rock music?

Demi Lovatohas officially announced a funeral for their pop music and teased an imminent return to their rock music roots. Demi Lovato may be best known for pop anthems like ‘Skyscraper’, ‘Cool for the Summer’ and ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ but the 29-year-old superstar was first introduced to us as a rockstar in the vein of Paramoreand Avril Lavigne.

What is Demi Lovato’s music style?

Demi Lovato’s music career began with the Camp Rock star incorporating rock influences into her recordings. But for the following decade, the singer’s content skewed heavily pop and R&B as her music dominated the airwaves. With her eighth studio album Holy Fvck, out today, Lovato is going back to the sound that first made her a star.

Is Demi Lovato done being your bubblegum pop star?

Paired with her new musical sound, a fusion of rock and metal, it’s a clear message: Lovato is done being your bubblegum pop star. “I was referring to the hyper-feminine pop star that I used to be,” Lovato tells Vogue of the song. “Wearing the leotards on stage, and trying to fit the mold of what other people wanted from me.”

How many albums has Demi Lovato recorded?

American entertainer Demi Lovato has recorded materials for seven studio albums. Prior to launching their music career, Lovato starred in the Disney Channel musical television film Camp Rock, as well as the film’s follow-up Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

Who makes all the pop songs

Who makes all the pop songs?

Believe it or not, over the past 15-20 years Max Martin has been the brains, ears and talent behind virtually every hit pop song that has been released to the screaming masses. He’s personally responsible for churning out more Billboard singles than Michael Jackson and Madonna COMBINED.

Why is pop music called pop music?

The term “pop music” comes from the phrase “popular music” and refers to the popular, light, and commercial sound that characterizes this style. The term “pop song” was first used in 1926 to distinguish between music that was aimed at people with little musical culture and cult music.

Which countries have a thriving pop music industry?

Some non-Western countries, such as Japan, have developed a thriving pop music industry, most of which is devoted to Western-style pop. Japan has for several years produced a greater quantity of music than everywhere except the US.

What types of music do pop artists use?

Rock, country, dance, urban, and Latin are all among the music forms you can spot in a lot of pop songs. Sometimes, pop artists will even incorporate a certain chorus or melodic line into their songs after buying the rights to use said sequence.

What genre is pop music influenced by?

Pop music originates from various other musical genres such as ragtime, jazz, big band orchestra, blues and rock and roll. Pop music is also influenced by African American culture. It incorporates elements of these genres and continues to evolve with what is current and popular to generate new music. What defines pop music?

Indie pop broke into mainstream starting from mid-1980s as bands like The Smiths appeared on commercial charts. Indie pop became “cool”, the very idea that the indie bands chose to be away several years ago.

Where did indie pop come from?

Indie pop is a genre of alternative rock music that originated in the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s, with its roots in Scottish post-punk bands on the Postcard Records label in the early ’80s (Josef K and Orange Juice) and the dominant UK independent band of the mid-’80s, The Smiths. How did indie become a genre?

Who are the best indie pop artists?

For starters, any list of indie pop artists has to include the names Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, Phoenix, MGMT, and Arcade Fire. The classic songs and albums released by these acts had a huge part in on shaping indie pop today and there’s a good reason they’re considered the top indie artists.

Where did indie rock come from?

Indie rock is a subgenre of rock music that originated in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand from the 1970s to the 1980s. [unreliable source?]

What are the characteristics of indie pop?

As a music genre, indie pop shows a few important characteristics: 1) it inherits a DIY music approach from punk; 2) it appeared as guitar-driven at early stages; 3) it’s different from mainstream pop in instrumentation, production, lyrics, social and political meanings; 4) it’s more melodic and sounds lighter than indie rock.

What kind of pop is Britney Spears?

Britney Spears
GenresPop dance-pop electropop teen pop
LabelsJive RCA
Formerly ofInnosense

Who is Britney Spears?

Britney Spears: Contralto Vocal Range Singer. The world-famous American entertainer and recording artist, Britney Spears contralto singer, was born in December 1981, at McComb, Mississippi. Being raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she started her music career as a kid, doing acting roles in TV shows and stage productions.

What kind of pop is Britney Spears

Was Britney Spears the ‘Princess of pop’?

Referred to as the “Princess of Pop”, Spears was credited as one of the “driving force [s] behind the return of teen pop in the late 1990s”. Rolling Stone ‘ s Stacy Lambe explained that she “help [ed] to usher in a new era for the genre that had gone dormant in the decade that followed New Kids on the Block . …

What was Britney Spears first song?

In 1998 she released her first single, “ …Baby One More Time.” The song soon became the subject of controversy, both for its lyrics (“Hit me baby one more time”) as well as for its Lolita-like video, in which Spears appeared as a provocative schoolgirl.

Is Britney Spears still a fan?

More than 20 years after her first major, Britney Spears’s fandom remains massive. Spears quickly became the poster child for pop music at the turn of the century, redefining the genre with ensemble dance numbers, a not-that-innocent onstage persona, and the occasional Burmese python.

Is Britney Spears music pop?

Britney’s main music style is pop, but she has also experimented with – and later influenced – the bubblegum pop and dance-pop genres.

Is Britney Spears a pop artist?

Spears is described as a pop artist and generally explores the genre in the form of dance-pop. Following her debut, she was credited with influencing the revival of teen pop in the late 1990s.

What is Britney Spears sexiest song?

19. Breathe on Me (2003) This In the Zone album track is the sexiest song in Spears’ discography, a dive into voyeurism and tantric sex complete with pulsating bass, techno-inflected beats and her breathy moans and ASMR-worthy vocal fry.

Was Britney Spears a Eurodance apocalyptic banger?

Spears’ seventh album Femme Fatale, co-executive produced by her old pal Max Martin, led the charge as Eurodance-inspired pop crashed into the charts. But Spears, now a dancefloor veteran, added a bit of spice to what was an otherwise generic era of pop, a prime example being this euphoric yet apocalyptic banger. 27.

Why did Britney Spears start singing?

Spears also named Mariah Carey as “one of the main reasons I started singing”. Throughout her career, Spears has drawn frequent comparisons to Madonna and Jackson in particular, in terms of vocals, choreography, and stage presence.

Does Mariah Carey make pop music?

An influential figure in popular music, Carey is credited for merging hip hop with pop music through her collaborations and popularizing the use of remixes….

Mariah Carey
AwardsFull list
Musical career
GenresR&B pop soul hip hop

How many albums does Mariah Carey have?

American R&B singer Mariah Carey has recorded songs for fifteen studio albums, including a soundtrack and two Christmas albums, as well as two compilations, a greatest hits, a remix album and an extended play ( EP ).

What song did Mariah Carey sing?

Carey sang “AAll My Life”, written by Rick James, for her eighth studio album Glitter (2001). Tricky Stewart is one of Carey’s frequent collaborators. “Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem)” is a re-write of Robert Burns ‘ 1788 poem “Auld Lang Syne”. Carey co-wrote the lyrics of “Babydoll” with Missy Elliot.

Does Mariah Carey have a ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ single?

“Mariah Carey Debuts ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ Single; Talks Upcoming Album”. Billboard. Retrieved August 4, 2012. ^ Kiss of Death (Liner notes). Jadakiss. Ruff Ryders Entertainment, Interscope Records. 2004. ^ a b Jungle Rules (Liner notes). French Montana. Coke Boys, Bad Boy, Maybach, Epic. 2017. ^ a b “New Music: French Montana feat.

When did Mariah Carey get married?

Carey made a demo tape that led Tommy Mottola, an executive at Columbia Records, to sign her in 1988; the couple married in 1993. Her debut album, Mariah Carey (1990), showcased her incredible vocal range and blended several musical genres, including gospel, pop, and rhythm and blues (R&B).

Who owns Justin Timberlake’s music?

Timberlake recently sold the entire music catalog from his 20-year career to London-based firm Hipgnosis Song Management, per a company announcement Thursday. The purchase includes all copyrights on tracks Timberlake has written or co-written.

Who sold Justin Timberlake’s music catalog?

It turns out that he’s not the only one making this decision. Why did Justin Timberlake sell his music catalog? According to CNN, Justin sold his entire music catalog to the London-based firm Hipgnosis Song Management.

Who is Justin Timberlake?

Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is one of the world’s best-selling music artists, with sales of over 88 million records.

How did Justin Timberlake get scammed?

He was lured by human traffickers with a ‘dream job.’ Then he got scammed Justin Timberlake sold his entire song catalog to a Blackstone-backed management company, joining a wave of recent mega stars who are selling the rights to their music for big bucks.

Does Justin Timberlake own a restaurant?

Timberlake has co-owned or provided celebrity endorsement for three restaurants in the United States: “Chi” opened in West Hollywood, California in 2003, and “Destino” and “Southern Hospitality” in New York opened in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

What did Justin Timberlake sell his music rights for?

The deal is reportedly worth $100 million, per The Wall Street Journal. “I am excited to be partnering with [Hipgnosis founder and CEO Merck Mercuriadis],” Justin said in a statement.

Did Justin Timberlake sell the rights to his songs?

Justin Timberlake is the latest music star to sell the rights to his songs for a huge sum of money. He sold the rights to his song catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital, a fund backed by private equity firm Blackstone. Timberlake’s hits includes “Cry Me a River,” “SexyBack,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and NSYNC songs such as “Bye Bye Bye.”

Is Justin Timberlake selling his music catalog for big bucks?

Justin Timberlake has joined the ranks of major musicians who have sold their music catalog for big bucks. The Grammy winner made a deal with Hipgnosis Song Management that includes copyrights to approximately 200 songs that Timberlake wrote or co-wrote, including hits like “SexyBack” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

What did Justin Timberlake sell his music rights for

What does Justin Timberlake’s deal with Hipgnosis Songs capital mean?

The deal with Timberlake gives Hipgnosis Songs Capital full control and ownership over his interest in 200 songs he has written or co-written during his career with the boyband ‘NSync and as a solo artist. He first came to prominence in 1995 as one of the two lead singers in ‘NSync, whose albums have sold 70m copies worldwide.

Why did Justin Timberlake stop acting?

His inspiration was Will Smith, who successfully transitioned from music to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to box office megastar. But then Timberlake said something that surprised me. “I have no aspirations of being a movie star,” he said. “I need no more attention.”

What happened to Justin Timberlake?

From 2008 through 2012, Timberlake put his music career on hiatus and focused on his acting career, holding starring roles in the films The Love Guru (2008), The Social Network (2010), Bad Teacher (2011), Friends with Benefits (2011), and In Time (2011).

Did Justin Timberlake set up Janet Jackson ‘wardrobe malfunction’ to Britney Spears?

“Stylist Says Justin Timberlake Set Up Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” to One-Up Britney Spears at VMAs”. Cosmopolitan. Retrieved April 14, 2021. ^ “New Claims From Stylist Detail How Justin Timberlake Was Allegedly Responsible For Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction”. CINEMABLEND. April 12, 2021. Retrieved April 14, 2021.

Did Justin Timberlake go solo?

The idea of going solo was strengthened a year earlier. Timberlake originally wrote the single “Gone” around 2001 for Michael Jackson, but he turned the song down, and it was instead recorded by NSYNC. Before its release, however, Jackson contacted him.

Was Justin Timberlake a cultural darling?

But his lapse from the role of cultural darling is hardly a professional demise. Timberlake was simply given an opportunity that Britney Spears and Janet Jackson never got: to ease gently out of the spotlight, to step into the background but not to suffer because of it.

How much did Justin Timberlake get for selling his music?

$100 million

The deal is reportedly worth $100 million, per The Wall Street Journal. “I am excited to be partnering with [Hipgnosis founder and CEO Merck Mercuriadis],” Timberlake said in a statement.

How much did Justin Timberlake get for selling his music

How much is Justin Timberlake’s deal with Hipgnosis worth?

The deal was completed on behalf of Hipgnosis’ partnership with private equity firm Blackstone, Hipgnosis Songs Capital. It is said to be valued at more than $100 million. The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news, added that the agreement does not cover future releases from Timberlake.

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