Is it C-Pop or JPOP?

Is it CPop or JPOP

What is C-Pop, Anyway? While “K-Pop” and “J-Pop” stands for Korean and Japanese pop music, respectively, C-Pop is actually an abbreviation for “Chinese popular music”. Rather than being specifically pop music, C-Pop is an umbrella term that covers Chinese pop, R&B, rock, hip hop, ambient, and ballad music.


What is J-pop music?

J-pop, or Japanese pop, is an eclectic genre of music from Japan that dates back to the 1950s. What Is J-Pop? Want to Learn More About Music? What Is J-Pop? J-pop, an abbreviated term for Japanese pop or Japanese pop music, is a musical genre that has been a part of Japanese pop culture since the mid-twentieth century.

What does C-pop mean?

C-pop is an abbreviation for Chinese popular music ( traditional Chinese: 漢語 流行 音樂; simplified Chinese: 汉语 流行 音乐; pinyin: hànyǔ liúxíng yīnyuè; Jyutping: hon3jyu5 lau4hang4 jam1ngok6 ), a loosely defined musical genre by artists originating from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (the Greater China region).

How does J-pop differ from other forms of Asian pop?

However, J-pop differs from Western and other forms of Asian pop in sound, as it hews closer to Japanese musical tropes. As a result, J-pop artists have not yet received the global trending and popularity of South Korean or K-pop artists like BTS, Exo, or Blackpink.

Although saying that, we’ve already seen from some of the above graphs that J-Pop has been steadily declining in popularity (in both Japan and worldwide) since 2009. Whilst J-Pop is popular in Japan, it’s nowhere near like it once was. 2. J-Pop doesn’t adapt Japanese pop was once extremely popular.

Is KPOP a pop or hip-hop?

K-Pop, or Korean Pop, is a Korean music genre that draws on a wide range of popular music styles. Some of these styles include Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), etc. However, one of the key things that sets K-Pop apart from other music styles is the focus on choreography.

Is KPOP a pop or hiphop

What is K-pop music?

K-pop (short for Korean popular music; Korean : 케이팝) is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. It is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, such as experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country, and classical on top of its traditional Korean music roots.

What is the difference between KPOP and hip hop?

It’s dance (BBoy, breaking, pop and locking, krump, choreography), It’s music (Rap, Pop, R&B [some people include this, some don’t]), It’s Deejay-ing and it’s Art (graffiti). Kpop is also a culture. Most of Kpop today has Hip Hop elements (mostly dance and rapping) but unlike Hip Hop, it’s very factory based. The artists aren’t in fact artists.

How did hip hop influence K-pop?

The group incorporated American-style hip hop and R&B into their music, a move that was so influential that they are considered the originators of modern K-pop, and their explosive popularity paved the way for both pop and hip hop artists in Korea. How influential is hip-hop on K-pop?

What is the origin of K-pop?

experimental. Cultural origins. 1940s, South Korea. K-pop (short for Korean popular music; Korean : 케이팝) is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. It is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, such as experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country, …

What is the first K-pop song?

When was K-pop first used?

The first known use of the term K-pop occurred on Billboard in the October 9, 1999 edition at the end of an article titled “S. Korea To Allow Some Japanese Live Acts” by Cho Hyun-jin, then a Korea correspondent for the magazine, which used it as a broad term for South Korean pop music.

What was the first Korean pop song?

The first known Korean pop album was “Yi Pungjin Sewol” (This Tumultuous Time), by Park Chae-seon and Lee Ryu-saek in 1925, which contained popular songs translated from Japanese. The first pop song written by a Korean composer is thought to be “Nakhwayusu” (낙화유수, Fallen Blossoms on Running Water) sung by Lee Jeong-suk in 1929.

Who is the first K-pop artist to have a music video?

One of the first solo artists who introduced K-pop in the mainstream with his song “Gangnam Style,” the song becoming a worldwide sensation. PSY was also the first artist to have a music video with 1 Billion Views, not only for K-pop videos but among the videos on YouTube, recorded last 2012.

What is the first Kpop song

Is there a Kpop timeline on Billboard?

Current Billboard logo. Timeline of K-pop at Billboard is a history of K-pop as recorded by Billboard, Billboard charts and Billboard K-Town, an online magazine column, presented by Billboard on its site, that reports on K-pop music; artists, concerts, chart information and news events.

What are J Pop fans called?

ヲタ – Wota – A dedicated J-pop fan, either of the genre in general or a specific idol or group. It’s an alternatively written term for “otaku,” meaning an enthusiast of a particular interest. Play. ヲタ芸 – Wota-gei – A special dance performed by fans in unison during concerts, often with chants.

What are Nick Jonas Fans called?

The name for Nick Jonas’ fandom is apparently the ‘Iconicks’. In a tweet urging fans to vote for him at the Radio Disney Music Awards, he gave a shout out to the ‘Iconicks’. [Getty] 10. What are Iggy Azalea fans called? Iggy Azalea’s fandom name is ‘Azaleans’. [Bad Dreams/Empire] 11. What are fans Bella Thorne fans called?

What is Japanese pop music?

The link to this photo or video may be broken, or the post may have been removed. Japanese pop music, or J-Pop, is one of the most popular music genres in Japan. Although it started to gain popularity in the 1960s, it hit the mainstream in the 1990s and today it has millions of fans all over the world.

What are Nicki Minaj fans called?

Nicki Minaj’s fandom is called the ‘Barbies’, and they’re also known as the ‘Barbz’. [Young Money/Cash Money] 20. What are Rihanna fans called? Rihanna’s fandom are called the ‘Rihanna Navy’ and often just refer to themselves as ‘Navy’. [Fenty Beauty] 21. What are Ariana Grande fans called? Ariana Grande’s fandom are called the ‘Arianators’.

What is Japanese pop music called?

Japanese pop music, or J-Pop, is one of the most popular music genres in Japan. Although it started to gain popularity in the 1960s, it hit the mainstream in the 1990s and today it has millions of fans all over the world.

What are the different types of music genres in Japan?

Theme music for films, anime, tokusatsu (tokuson (特ソン)) and dorama are considered a separate music genre. While musicians and bands from all genres have recorded for Japanese television and film, several artists and groups have spent most of their careers performing theme songs and composing soundtracks for visual media.

What is the history of Music in Japan?

By the 8th century Japan had produced its own first written chronicles, the Kojiki (713; “Records of Ancient Matters”) and the Nihon shoki (720; “Chronicles of Japan”), which recount the origin of music in Japanese mythology as the form of an entertainment used by the gods to tempt the sun goddess, Amaterasu, out of her hiding in a cave.

How is J-pop different?

J-pop often features high-pitched vocals. These vocals are sometimes not limited to the high point of songs as Western singers use them on the bridges of their songs. Some records are often several keys higher than a standard Western song.

What is the difference between J-pop and American pop music?

As a result, J-pop often features chord changes and vocal delivery closer to traditional Japanese music than American pop or rock. Vocals tend to be higher in pitch, and melodies can sometimes very simple; the closest Western comparison would be the hook-heavy “bubblegum rock” of the 1970s.

How is Jpop different

What is the J-pop style?

J-pop – their style of music tend to be happy, alive and joyful and the artists are focusing in being cute (Girls looking so cute and boys looks cute and like pretty boys) (example:AKB48, Sakura Gakuen, Arashi, Johnny’s WEST). Yes that J-pop style is seems to be like that but not all the time.

What is J-pop & ‘idol pop’?

J-pop applies to various music genres, from jazz and vocal ballads to pop-rock and folk, and “idol pop,” which features the highly polished and aggressively marketed entertainers known as Japanese idols and idol groups.

Because J-pop has a pretty loyal and profitable fanbase within Japan. There’s little reason for J-pop artists to expand beyond Japan’s borders, hence why we rarely ever see J-pop groups tour outside. And as others have said, Japanese music production is heavily restricted to just Japan and why subtitles are rarely given.

Why is K-pop not just pop?

While “K-pop” can refer to all popular music or pop music from South Korea, it is colloquially often used in a narrower sense for any Korean music and artists associated with the entertainment and idol industry in the country, regardless of the genre.

Why are K-pop fans so close?

Each fandom comes with a name (usually with interesting meanings) derived from a K-pop group or artist. Being a part of it is an honor for every K-pop fan. It’s the reason why they feel so close and connected, as they share the same interests and emotional attachment to K-pop idols.

Over the past decade, a specific form of Korean popular music – K-pop – has enjoyed huge success around the world. Previous explanations have mostly focused on the demand side, such as intra-Asian cultural relations. This paper shifts the focus onto the supply side.

What’s wrong with K-pop in South Korea?

It’s an industry worth $5bn; BTS alone sold more albums than Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande last year. But something is very wrong inside K-pop, and it points to a deeper malaise throughout South Korea. There has been a spate of suicides and high-profile sex scandals involving K-pop stars in recent times.

Is K-pop merchandise addictive?

K-pop merchandise or accessories themselves are addictive. They can be very expensive, but dedicated fans are willing to spend or invest a lot in them. For K-pop fans, collecting K-pop merchandise—such as hoarding posters, buying light sticks, and completing photocards and albums—is a great source of happiness.

Which is older J-Pop or K-pop?

DARLING-WOLF: Before K-pop, there was J-pop.

Is K-pop hotter than J-pop?

With the global domination of Korean boy group BTS, K-Pop has never been hotter. Although they may be lumped into similar sentences, J-Pop (Japanese pop) and K-Pop are two very different beasts, and the latter is far superior. Keen to explore the world?

What is the difference between J-pop and K-Pop Idol performances?

J-pop idol performances are all about having a good time on stage compared to K-pop stage performances. Interacting with fans and ensuring everyone is enjoying their time is essential in the Japanese music industry. J-pop idols don’t necessarily prioritize complex and synchronized choreography and stage setups. Kpop idols performing on stage

Is Korean pop music better than Japanese pop music?

K-pop is way more popular at this time than J-pop. In fact, South Korean music has become a massive success in Western countries. No one can argue with that. Nowadays, due to this global popularity, many people think that Korean pop music is better than Japanese pop music because of this popularity. But let’s be honest there.

What is Generation 1.5 K-pop?

Generation 1.5 is a time when K-Pop as a genre and culture began to gain some popularity in China, Japan, and other East Asian countries. The term “hallyu“, or the Korean Wave, got coined around this time — as select international press began to actively report on “K-Pop” and Korean idols.

Is Z Pop a Kpop?

Despite these similarities, there are some clear differences between Z-Pop and K-pop. The most obvious difference is that none of the Z-Pop members are Korean.

What is the Z-Pop wiki?

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the official Z-Pop Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything releted to the Z-POP (K-POP) band, Z-Stars. There are still 27 aritcle about them but I will still growing since the Wiki was founded.

Who is Z-Pop Dream?

To dreamers, enablers and supporters, welcome to our #GalaxZ. Z-POP Dream is where Z-Stars are born to celebrate the sound of Generation Z. Since 2018, we have been searching for Z-Stars across 7 countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and India. No matter where you come from, we invite you to be part of our journey.

Is Mavin a member of Z Pop Dream?

A part of the Z-POP DREAM project, they released their debut track “No Limit” on February 22, 2019 and officially debuted on February 23 in the “Z-POP DREAM Live in Seoul” concert as seven members. Mavin is a former member of the Indonesian boy band B FORCE. This article is a stub. You can help Kpop Wiki by expanding it.

Who are Z-Boys?

Z-Boys is a four-member international project boy group currently under Divtone Entertainment. A part of the Z-POP DREAM project, they released their debut track “No Limit” on February 22, 2019 and officially debuted on February 23 in the “Z-POP DREAM Live in Seoul” concert as seven members.

What is JPop style

What is J-Pop style?

J-pop is an abbreviation of Japanese pop. It refers to Western-influenced Japanese popular music. The term J-pop was coined by J-Wave, an FM radio station, to denote what was once called “New Music.” The term is widely used in Japan to describe many different musical genres including pop, rock, dance, rap, and soul.

What does the ‘J’ mean in J-pop?

The ‘J’ in J-pop stands for Japanese. The genre has constantly evolved since it first emerged, pulling from influences across the board. These include the stylings of traditional Japanese music and the use of innovative technology to craft new sounds. Chord changes are popular in J-pop, as are more complex song structures overall.

What is J line in K-Pop?

Japanese Members of Girl Groups While there are many girl group members that aren’t Korean, have you ever wondered who all of the Japanese girl group members in K-Pop are? Well, here’s a list of every active girl group member who is confirmed to be Japanese or half Japanese!

Answer (1 of 5): J-Line in K-Pop is basically the Japanese line. The way we say “Vocal Line”, it’s almost the same as J-Line. Vocalists of the group are “Vocal Line” and Japanese members of a group are J-Line. The most famous J-Line are that of TWICE, consisting of Minatozaki Sana, Mina Myoui an… J-Line in K-Pop is basically the Japanese line.

Who are the members of ‘J’ line?

The “J” Line is an unofficial subunit of the South Korean Boy Group NCT made by fans. It consists of 6 members, Johnny, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung as all of their names start with the letter “J”. View More Johnny Fun Facts… View More Jaehyun Fun Facts… View More Jungwoo Fun Facts…

Who is the leader of a K-pop group?

In most K-Pop groups there’s an appointed leader, who’s usually (but not always) the eldest member or at least one of the eldest members. (Ex: Red Velvet’s Irene, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, etc.) Sometimes the leader can be the member who was a trainee for the longest period of time out of all the members of the band. (Ex: Twice’s Jihyo)

What is J line in KPop

Who is the oldest member of the J-line?

Momo is (and was, even during trainee days) the oldest member on the J-Line, however, she has the most innocent, child-like personality. Did you know these things about TWICE’s J-Line? If you did, you must be a hardcore ONCE!

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